Computer Science


Curriculum Vision


For Computer Science and IT, the Curriculum has been based around the expertise knowledge of various members and experience in the department. It aims to ensure students at all stages can access the curriculum and be supported through each transition between year groups and supply the students with various skill sets which will be needed for their next steps. The start in Year 7 allows students to build knowledge on key topics and knowledge to support them each year and if they decided to choose the subject for KS4, the embedded routines and structures will be consistent Classwork will be differentiated to support those who are disadvantaged/SEND. Due to ongoing disruptions with the pandemic, the curriculum has slightly been adapted to offer more support in KS4 with Examination/Assignment preparation to ensure students are not left behind. During each topic, teachers will use various assessment methods to inform of students’ knowledge and gaps to support them in later stages. Key concepts will be taught regularly to ensure students have long term memory of key facts and key skills.


The impact of this curriculum will be that it leads to better assessments results due to reflecting what the students have learnt. Students who are also SEND or disadvantage will acquire skills from Year 7 to use throughout their school life, for example E-Safety and Digital Skills. Various links with other departments such as Mathematics will allow students to distinguish key skills learnt in other subjects and use these regularly. Where possible English Oracy will be promoted with students using communication skills and writing skills to debate, share and partake in discussion for various topics.  Students will also learn skills which will help them on their educational journey up until they leave at Post-16 and use these skills for further education, training or employment.

Please click on the document below to see our subject curriculum map for all years. 

Subject Documents Date  
Computer Science and IT Curriculum map 29th Sep 2023 Download