Anti Bullying

Every member of our community is made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore bullying of any type is contrary to the very basic tenets of what The Douay Martyrs Catholic School stands for.

No young person should suffer the stress of bullying, all students are encouraged to report bullying to a member of staff if they see it going on or indeed suspect that it is going on. The Douay Martyrs Catholic School takes a zero tolerance stance on this issue, once alerted to bullying we will work with the individual who is the victim, along with his or her parents/guardians to stop it happening. We will keep parents and young people who are the victims of bullying fully informed as a matter of course as to how the school is dealing with any instances of bullying. The school will also work with the perpetrator of any bullying so that they learn that such behaviour has no place in The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School.

All forms of bullying are dealt with thoroughly by the school. Please click here for our Anti Bullying Policy