Sanctions and Rewards

Behaviour for learning

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School encourages every child to behave well and to work hard. The purpose of our Behaviour for Learning Policy is to create a climate in which all staff are given the opportunity to teach to the best of their ability and to enable your child to maximise their learning.

The emphasis of the policy is on praise and support for the vast majority of students who deserve it. This policy cannot work without parental and student support. A full copy of the policy can be downloaded here. For further information please email Ms E Meade -


Celebrating students’ successes and achievements is at the heart of the Douay Way. We recognise that each student is a unique individual who has been bestowed with God given gifts and talents, which should be discerned, nurtured and celebrated enabling each to flourish spiritually, morally as well as academically.

Through the celebration system we seek to affirm, recognise and reward all that our students achieve during their Douay journey. This is achieved in various ways from awarding Good News notes for immediate acknowledgement of good work/effort, to awarding colours for academic achievements, service to the school and wider community and demonstrating leadership. House colours are also awarded for participation and involvement in House events.

In addition to the above celebration events are held at various points throughout the year. The Year 7 Celebration evening takes place in January. Parents are invited in to share in the celebration of the achievements of their child following their first term with us. Other celebration events include Creative Arts and Sports Awards evenings.

The year ends with House Celebration evenings. These provide an opportunity for parents, students and staff to gather to celebrate students’ achievements and contributions to their respective Houses throughout the year. House colours are awarded to those who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to their House.

All celebration events, are joyous occasions and are thoroughly enjoyed by all who attend.

Our celebration and rewards system is currently being updated to provide further opportunities for our children to be celebrated and awarded for their achievements and successes.

The new features will include:  

  1. The addition of our new Subject colours, Faculty colours, Form tutor colours, Head of Year colours and a Servant Leadership colour.
  2. Introduction of academic and pastoral points which students will be expected to earn in order to be awarded colours.
  3. The implementation of a new online platform which will enable parents to track pastoral, points, academic points and colours that have been awarded to their child.