Place 2 Be - In School Support

Place2Be is a national children’s charity working in over 250 schools across the UK.


Place2Be offers students access to a range of universal mental health services. We offer a whole school approach.

The Mental Health Practitioner and Counsellor for Place2Be at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School is Nazanin Azimian-Grant who is in school Wednesdays, Thursdays and until 12pm on Fridays.


Place2Be Services

As part of our universal offer, Place2Be work in partnership with the school’s Pastoral Team to consider each individual child and to tailor the support to the needs of the child and family. Referrals to any of the following services can be made by Place2Be staff and school staff only.


  • Self-referral service open to all students
  • 20-minute form time one-off sessions
  • Open to individuals and to groups of up to 3 children
  • Helps with friendships, other worries and build resilience
  • Referrals to Place2 Talk can be made by pupils on a confidential basis

One to One Counselling

  • 45 minute weekly sessions
  • 10 sessions (extended where clinically necessary, maximum 20 sessions)
  • Safe and confidential space for the children to explore and work through their difficulties
  • Use of play, art and sand therapy to help the children feel comfort and security in the room



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