School Canteen

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School canteen team produces fresh home-made meals every day. The school canteen is absolutely cashless (payments are made via parent pay) which enables students to top up their accounts online or via machine located in the school.

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School has an outstanding dining hall providing a variety of hot and cold snacks, meals and breakfast which can be bought from 13:00 until 14:00

A range of both hot and cold food is available. Students can opt for the main meal of the day, a vegetarian substitute or the usual hot snacks and foods such as jacket potatoes which are served at lunchtime along with a dessert.

Make Healthy Choices

The school promotes healthy eating and there is always a healthy choice of food available in the school canteen. The school’s nourishing and healthy school meals are good for children and promotes the intake of healthy nutritional balanced meals.

The school canteen provides fresh drinking water for students, bottled water and other drinks. We have a wide variety of cold sandwiches, panini’s and wraps.

The sandwiches are from Raynor Foods, the selection includes BLT, chicken and sweetcorn, tuna, tuna and sweetcorn, tuna and cucumber, cheese, cheese and ham, cheese and onion, chicken triple, chicken tikka, ham and egg mayo, Vietnamese style chicken, chicken salad, roast chicken salad, ham cheese and mayo, all day breakfast, egg mayo, chicken mayo, ham, chicken & chorizo, ham salad, mixed triple. Wraps are also available. In school, we also have a range of snacks which includes the classic fruit salad pot and carrot and cucumber with Houmous. A range of salads are also available; including tuna and sweetcorn, pasta and cheese and tomato pasta.



Wellbeing at the Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School have made some healthy changes, that are tasty too. Before the 2022 school year, pupils would frequently purchase processed foods from the school canteen, however this year, the school has eliminated confectionery foods and replaced it with the Eatwell Guides recommendations by introducing healthier, tastier options such as fruit cups, salad cups, smoothies and so on. In fact 90% of the school menu is now made from local fresh produce. 

Food high in added sugar has been removed from the school canteen this includes fizzy drinks. This also includes sweet jams and biscuits. Due to increased concerns over health and dealing with childhood obesity, sweets and crisps have been replaced with healthy options in the school menu which is based on a 4 weekly rotation.

NHS Eatwell guide


In the Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, our Allergy Champion, Chioma Wamadi, has theresponsibility for allergen management. She manages requests from pupils, staff, visitors, suppliers, teachers and/or customers, that visit the school canteen, with allergy queries.

Details about allergens is included both on this site and in the school canteen.

For any allergy queries please email:

Gluten Free: There is no specific UK or EU legislation covering “Free from” claims “Free from” claims are therefore regulated in accordance with the provision of the general food law (Regulation (EC) no. 178/2002) as amended.

Gluten Definition: A mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

Food Hygiene

The catering manager and the team are pleased to say that the kitchen holds the 5 stars food hygiene rating provided by the London Borough of Hillingdon Food Standards Agency. Five is the top of the scale which means the hygiene standards are incredibly good and fully comply with the law.

International week

During international week we make different ranges of food from different countries ranging from Thai food, English food, Nigerian food, Caribbean food, Romanian foods, Indian foods, Polish foods, and Spanish foods.




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