Attendance and Punctuality

All children and young people are expected to attend school each and every day. Absence from school is a safeguarding matter and as a school community we take student absence seriously. If a child is not in school then parents/carers/guardians are notified immediately as to their absence, parents and other adults who are responsible for children or young people are expected to inform the school should their child be away. As a learning community we work very closely with the Local Authority on attendance matters to ensure that all children and young people have full access to their right of a good education.

The impact of absence from school relates directly to lower than expected attainment.

To report your child's absence please call 08449 842 114. This is the only number to use to report absence.

In order to view current information about your child's attendance we recommend you download the MyEd app. 

The MyEd app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below:

Apple iOS App

Google Android App

Once you have installed and opened MyEd, search for The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School and follow the simple instructions to identify yourself.

Further information about the MyEd app can be viewed by clicking here.


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