Student Voice

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School fully encourage our young people to feel empowered to use their voice to create positive change.

The Douay Ambassadors programme is an integral part of our whole school student voice.

The main role of the Ambassadors is to provide an official channel for pupils to express their opinions and effect change in all aspects of school life.

The Ambassadors are represented across all year groups and volunteer their services. Everyone is welcome to join.

As we have such a large take up of volunteers, the Ambassador student body are split into different 'working parties', determined by the students themselves.

Current and past working parties include:

Anti-bullying Holocaust memorial day 
Cyber Bullying Positive Language
Environmental Diversity and Inclusion
Black History Month  Mental Health
Positive Body Language LGBT+

Additional working parties oversee the following:

  • Y7 Transition team
  • Board games club
  • Chill and Chat
  • The School Council

It is not uncommon for Ambassadors to lead on whole-school assemblies, representing their working parties. The students are rightfully proud that all assemblies are written for students, delivered by students. Other official duties include strategic decision making for the betterment of the school from a student's perspective and a welcoming face for visitors who wish to visit the school.

If you are interested in hearing more about our work, please contact Ms E. Meade for more information

The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge!

Now, more than ever before, it is necessary to amplify student voice, to recognise and appreciate its significance. The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge is a public speaking opportunity which empowers students, giving them a platform to speak out to their teachers and peers about issues that are important to them. It gives them the chance to recognise how powerful and influential their words are.

The challenge was due to take place on the 3rd of February this year, celebrating students’ abilities, developing their self-esteem, critical thinking and communication skills for leadership roles in the future. Although postponed for the time being, it will no doubt go ahead as soon as possible, allowing students to recognise their voice is both heard and appreciated.

For information regarding The Jack Petchey Award, and the Speak Out Challenge, please contact Miss Cledwyn-Davies at