Business Studies


Curriculum vision


The business department aims to deliver a well-supported curriculum that not only enhances their knowledge and understanding around the subject but is developing interpersonal skills, which will allow students to be prepared for KS5 as well as their careers. To begin with year 9 and the initial phase of year 10 will focus on theme 1 (Investigating small businesses). This will provide students with the insight of how businesses are developed on a small scale and build the ability to analyse different business concepts. Followed on, in year 10 and year 11, the focus would change as theme 2 is introduced (Building a business). This unit looks at business expansion plans – giving students the opportunity to work on advanced evaluation skills, where business decisions for larger businesses are evaluated and analysed. In addition, from Spring term onwards students are to commence, in class revision, which allows students to bridge knowledge gaps and practice exam technique; in preparation for their summer exams.


The business curriculum would provide opportunities to build on interpersonal skills such as, leadership, teamwork, communication. Whilst developing analytical and evaluative skills. However, the curriculum would enable students to gain a career preview of which sector they would want to work in, in terms of marketing, finance, human resources or operations management. The subject also allows students to understand how skills achieved from other subjects are transferred in business. Meaning the cross-over in mathematics and finance or English enabling pupils to communicate orally and in writing.


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