Curriculum vision


The activities for the art department are designed to build an ethos of creativity and risk taking among our students in order to promote confidence and independent learning. Every student is supported to develop their artistic ability, regardless of the level of artistic need.  Every student is encouraged to explore their creativity and flair, expressing their ideas and views confidently through the language of visual art.  The start of Year 7 is to develop a foundation on the basic skills in art such as mark making and drawing with some understanding of contextual awareness. In KS4, those students who has decided to continue with Art will learn about the structure of a project and how to apply their previous knowledge and skills to the OCR specification and assessment objectives.


The art curriculum has been designed to engage with and stretch our young people whilst giving them the opportunity to securely learn some of the foundation skills and techniques in Art.  Young people to demonstrate an understanding of basic health and safety practises. Young people to enjoy their learning and be proud of the work they have produce.  All students to be given the opportunities to evaluate learning through practical outcomes as well as informal discussions. All key stage 4 pupils to have achieved their potential assessment levels that reflect their individual abilities. Key stage 5 pupils to be well-prepared for future education opportunities in the visual creative industry.

Subject Documents Date  
Art curriculum map 31st Oct 2023 Download