Wider Learning - Music


The curriculum of our school is a reflection of our school ethos, vision and ambition. We seek to develop the whole child so that they can access all that life can offer. This means that in addition to the explicit curriculum that ultimately leads to external certification, we seek to develop lifelong learners who are spiritually, culturally, digitally and financially literate, in addition to understanding how to remain healthy and safe through their lifestyle choices.

Our Quality First Teaching Principles:

  • Highly focused lesson design with sharp learning objectives
  • High demands of pupil involvement and engagement with their learning
  • High levels of interaction for all pupils
  • Appropriate use of questioning, modelling and explaining on the part of the teacher
  • An emphasis on learning through dialogue, with regular opportunities for pupils to talk both individually and in groups
  • An expectation that pupils will accept responsibility for their own learning and work independently
  • Regular use of encouragement and authentic praise to engage and motivate pupils

Wider Learning - Maori Culture

Intent: Cultural Literacy will allow pupils to explore cultures and traditions from around the world through a range of practical/ performance opportunities. 

Lesson Topics: 





Maori Culture 


Where is New Zealand and who are the Maori? 

  • Learn some Maori words and greetings​ 
  • A bit of folklore, history and geography​ 
  • Culture surrounding their facial tattoos 
  • Design Ta Moko 

The Ka Mate Haka 

  • Learn more Maori words and greetings​ 
  • History of the Haka chant 
  • Folklore and culture surrounding the Haka 
  • Learn Ka Mate Haka (movements and chant) 

Poi Dancing 

  • Learn more Maori words and greetings​ 
  • Make Poi 
  • Learn Poi techniques 


Pupils will gain a wider knowledge of how cultural traditions change over time and are still used today. They will be made aware of the importance of folklore and the continuation of these cultural activities in the future. Links will hopefully be made regarding their own cultural history, and its importance in their future.