The curriculum of our school is a reflection of our school ethos, vision and ambition. We seek to develop the whole child so that they can access all that life can offer. This means that in addition to the explicit curriculum that ultimately leads to external certification, we seek to develop lifelong learners who are spiritually, culturally, digitally and financially literate, in addition to understanding how to remain healthy and safe through their lifestyle choices.

Our Quality First Teaching Principles:

  • Highly focused lesson design with sharp learning objectives
  • High demands of pupil involvement and engagement with their learning
  • High levels of interaction for all pupils
  • Appropriate use of questioning, modelling and explaining on the part of the teacher
  • An emphasis on learning through dialogue, with regular opportunities for pupils to talk both individually and in groups
  • An expectation that pupils will accept responsibility for their own learning and work independently
  • Regular use of encouragement and authentic praise to engage and motivate pupils

Curriculum vision


There are several aspects of geography from which students can be accurately assessed in terms of their progression over time.

Our Curriculum is designed to allow students to consolidate and build on the following:

1. Contextual World Knowledge of location, place and Geographical Features

2. Understanding of conditions, processes and interactions that explain geographical features, distribution patterns, and changes over time and space.

3. Competence in geographical enquiry and the application of skills in observing, collecting , analysing, evaluating and communicating geographical information.



It is hoped that the Geography Curriculum helps prepare students for the future as a well-informed Citizen of the World. We embrace and inform students about many Global and National issues which are very important, such as Climate Change, globalisation and development issues, conflicts around the world, sustainability issues and how we can manage the world better for the benefit of all.

An understanding of the concepts of Sustainability, Stewardship and Conservation are very important in our global multi-cultural economy…all of which are embedded in the geography curriculum at each Key Stage.

The KS3 Curriculum is intended to engage and motivate students and then to consider selecting geography as a GCSE Option.

Although we do not control the KS4 Curriculum, it is hoped that students are interested enough in the subject and see the value of it to continue to study at A Level and maybe beyond.

Please click on the document below to see our subject curriculum map for all years. 

Subject Documents Date  
Geography Curriculum map 29th Sep 2023 Download