Food Preparation and Nutrition


Food Preparation & Nutrition

Curriculum vision


The curriculum of our school is a reflection of our school ethos, vision and ambition. We seek to develop the whole child so that they can access all that life can offer.

This means that in addition to the explicit curriculum that ultimately leads to external certification, we seek to develop lifelong learners who are spiritually, culturally, digitally and financially literate, in addition to understanding how to remain healthy and safe through their lifestyle choices.

Our Quality First Teaching Principles:

  • Highly focused lesson design with sharp learning objectives
  • High demands of pupil involvement and engagement with their learning
  • High levels of interaction for all pupils
  • Appropriate use of questioning, modelling and explaining on the part of the teacher
  • An emphasis on learning through dialogue, with regular opportunities for pupils to talk both individually and in groups
  • An expectation that pupils will accept responsibility for their own learning and work independently
  • Regular use of encouragement and authentic praise to engage and motivate pupils

The food department offer learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of food preparation and nutrition. The practical and theoretical skills learners will acquire throughout the curriculum will empower them to work confidently, independently and develop valuable life skills. Learners will become self-sufficient young adults with a contextual understanding of current diet related health issues within society. The subject also provides therapeutic benefits to the learners as the opportunity to design and create their own dishes can nurture their creativity and give them a sense of accomplishment.

We promote a fully inclusive learner lead environment. Learners are encouraged to take control of their own learning through planning and self-assessment tasks. The stimulating environment is supportive and non-judgemental where learners of all abilities are treated with equality and respect and have the opportunity to access experiential learning, to help deepen their knowledge and understanding of food preparation and nutrition.

The subject comprises of experiential learning through practical tasks and educational visits. Learners can experience a hands on approach and exposure to a wide range of vocabulary, as well as fundamental British Values by exploring different cultures and cuisines, including religions in the wider community. This experiential learning enables learners to then deepen their theoretical understanding.

Embedded within the curriculum are links with literacy, numeracy and science.  These are implemented through learners developing skills such as measuring, timing, glossary terms, scientific baking processes and definitions, vital for everyday tasks.


The clear focus and detailed curriculum approach leads to sustained levels of progress for individuals. Attainment at KS4 level is good and learners have progressed onto further study. We believe the fundamental skills acquired allow our learners to leave education and progress onto employment as confident, reflective and competent young adult.


Please click on the document below to see our subject curriculum map for all years. 

Subject Documents Date  
Food Preparation and Nutrition Curriculum map 29th Sep 2023 Download