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Sixth Form Student Leadership

 Additional Activities

       Many students participate in peer mentoring programmes where they assist younger students, some helping students in lessons, others                       providing advice and guidance during transitional periods.  We encourage all students to take on positions of responsibility and leadership and           as the eldest students within our school, we expect them to act as positive role models for younger students. 

       We additionally encourage our students to become involved in volunteering schemes where they can develop valuable life skills.  Each student         takes part in our “Faith in Action” scheme, whereby they provide help and support within some aspect of their school or local community.

       One of the key aspects of our Faith in Action programme is community service within the School. There are various ways for our young                   people to offer their time and talents to enrich our school community. Students are encouraged to select from a range of opportunities including         the paired reading scheme to support younger students improve their literacy skills, classroom support where they improve their own subject             knowledge by assisting younger students in developing their confidence and acting as guides at Open Evenings and Open Mornings.  All Year           12 students become prefects and have to complete break time duties alongside staff members – encouraging greater community collaboration.           Because we know all our students – we can create appropriate opportunities for all individuals to have an involvement in leadership in our                 school.

       A new venture last year is having a Core Student Leadership Group in Year 13.  These students have had the opportunity to present at Open               Evenings and Aiming for Excellence Evenings promoting our Sixth Form and the work we undertake.  They have led on the student duties               programme – a rota dictates when each individual has to help out in the dining hall at lunch time.  Positive relationships and systems which               create greater order have been established due to the greater Sixth form role modelling.

       The Head Boy and Head Girl lead the School Council and thereby support the student body in making changes for the greater good of the                 school.  They organise with their Leadership Group – charitable events half termly e.g. Macmillan coffee mornings, RAG Week, Christmas               Week in the first term.

       All members of the Student Leadership Group attend a tailored Catholic Leadership Training Course led by Governors and the Diocese to                 support their knowledge and practice of what makes a good Catholic Leader.