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Catholic Life

Here at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, our faith underpins and radiates all that we do and achieve together as a school community, ensuring the realisation of our school motto: ‘Through faith to success’

As a Christ-centred learning community, Catholic life transcends all areas of school life where we learn, love and develop in full communion with one another, knowing that we are all one in Him, considered equal in His eyes.

Our school principles, ‘The Douay Way’ and ‘Walk With Me’, are rooted in Gospel values, modelled by Christ Jesus, and provide us with the ultimate template for living lives of holiness and virtue. 

Our students are reminded daily that they are all precious gifts of God, made in his image and likeness. We are blessed to be given the opportunity to guide all areas of their education, sending them out into the world as responsible, faith-filled individuals who will make a positive contribution to society as instruments of peace and justice.  Our students are nurtured with the utmost dignity, and our foremost intention for them is that they leave our school knowing how much they are loved and cherished by God.

God has bestowed the most wonderful array of talents on our students and we are enormously proud of all of them.  Every day our students are encouraged to develop these talents so they can shine and be the best possible individuals as desired by God. 

Whilst dedicated to ensuring the greatest possible academic achievements for our students, our curriculum also succeeds in providing a well-rounded education of the whole person, maximising growth in all areas, especially in faith. We understand that the faith and morality we impart to be as important as the academic education which we provide to our students.    

As an immensely proud Catholic community, our staff know the importance of educating our students in the ways of the Catholic faith. All staff are fully committed to accompanying our students on their faith journey which they ensure through prayer, care and guidance, and by meeting each student where they are at on this journey. 

We are blessed to have such wonderful links with all of our deanery parishes and are sincerely grateful to our local clergy who enliven our faith development by visiting us regularly to say Masses, providing liturgies and administering the sacrament of reconciliation. 

Here at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, God is always present and God is always welcome.