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Subject Overview: The Religious Education Department sees Christ in every child and is fully committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. Our shared vision is that every student irrespective of age, social standing, culture, race or ability, will be given the opportunity to enjoy and achieve their true potential in Religious Education and Catholic life of the school and be encouraged to strive for excellence in all its forms.
We provide an engaging and challenging curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs of students in our care and provides them with the opportunity to learn about beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith as well as other world faiths.

What we cover in each year group:

Year 7: Community, the Bible, Life of Jesus, Prayer, Holy Week and Sacraments. Students are also provided with opportunities to attend prayer journals with Luisa, our school Chaplain.

Year 8: Creation, Prophets, Covenant, the Mass, the Church in Britain and Moral Choices

Year 9: Knowing God, Nature of God, Theology of Body. From January students will embark on their GCSE course.

KS4 – Students cover the following units as part of the EDUQAS (Route B) GCSE course: Foundational Catholic Theology, Applied Catholic Theology and Judaism

KS5 – Units students will cover as part of the EDUQAS A’ Level course include: Christian Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy and Ethics.

Qualifications and Pathways: GCSE and A’ Level

Enrichment opportunities: The RE Department and offers a range of extra - curricular activities which include, Debate club, Film Club and Philosophy Club.