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House System

The Douay Martyrs Catholic School has a fully integrated House System in operation.

Each student is allocated to one of the four Houses named St Mathew, St Mark, St Luke and St John.

Name Role Symbol
St Mark Servant Lion
St Luke Doctor Ram
St Matthew Tax Collector Human/Angel
St John Fisherman Eagle

Participation as well as success in the completion of activities shall be rewarded. House points and House Colours shall be awarded to students who fulfil the expected criteria. Challenge, enterprise and fun shall be had in abundance. Skills of resilience, enthusiasm and ambition are to be admired and celebrated.

The house system aims to be inclusive. Activities range from sport, arts, enterprise, and logic to debates on global awareness. Suggestions for new House activities shall be embraced and encouraged.

Examples of existing house competitions include:

  • Inter house Sports – football, netball, rounders, table tennis, basketball shoot out, athletics
  • Inter house Design – posters, logos, food, mask making
  • Inter house Cultural – art, poetry, black history
  • Faculty competitions
  • Word of the week

Annual Events - Other forms of competition between the houses include include Sports Day, and Ethical Fashion Show

Each term a key House activity shall drive opportunities for all student to each House Points and House Colours. Each event will have a House Winner but the coveted prize will be the overall House Winner awarded in the summer term. Competition is fierce and each Head of House wants to raise the overall Annual House Cup in triumph.