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I have come to give you life, life in all its fullness.

(John 10:10)

We believe that to demonstrate the Douay Way we must aspire for our students to learn in a way that goes well beyond the traditional classroom. Our curriculum vision encompasses every experience students gain from the first day of year seven until their last day with us. We believe that our role is to educate the whole child, to provide spiritual, emotional, cultural, financial and digital education to our highest possible ability, alongside that of the traditional curriculum. 

We encourage our students make full use of the extracurricular opportunities we provide outside of the classroom to develop their self-confidence, independence, and confidence. We want our young people to be lifelong learners with a desire to make the most of their potential and available opportunities.  

Faculty Enrichment opportunities 

English, Media Studies and Modern Foreign Languages

  • Spelling bee competition: Year 7
  • Cologne trip: year 8
  • Residential trips to Spain:  Year 9, 10 and 11
  • Residential trips to France:  Year 9, 10 and 11
  • European Day of Languages
  • Language clubs with the assistants 
  • Day trip to l’institut francais: 6th Form 
  • Day trip to Instituto Cervantes: 6th Form
  • Film club


  • Mystery in History Club - Yr 7 and 8
  • Ted Talks - all welcome
  • Greek Mythology Club - Yr 9 -11
  • Politics club - Year 10 -13

GSCE and A Level students have the opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor as part of our commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day

Trips are organised across different year groups to support our curriculum, including visits to the British Library and the Black Country Living Museum.

Year 13 students visit the National Archives and take part in a study day with leading academics to support their course


There are opportunities for fieldwork at all Key Stages. 

Year 7 have local fieldwork in the Ickenham area to  study shops and services in the area and create a land use map.

GCSE have 2 days of Fieldwork, one investigating a Human Geography topic and one investigating a Physical Geography topic.

Sixth Form has a residential trip which lasts 3-4 days on the South Coast.

We are also intending to participate in more National Competitions which students can enter, based around Environmental Awareness themes. 

Maths, DT, Food Preparation and Computing


Mathematics is fundamental to the modern world and as such opportunities for enrichment in the home environment are plentiful. In school the Mathematics department has a wide and varied programme of enrichment activities including:

  • Participation in the Hillingdon Individual and Team Maths challenges.
  • Enrolment into our extra curricular classes to prepare our lower year groups for the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Maths Challenge.
  • Participation in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges that have the possibility to lead into the UK’s Mathematics Olympiad Team.
  • In class projects and assignments aimed at highlighting the contributions to the subjects that women and members of the BAME society make to Mathematics.
  • We regularly send pupils to the Royal Institute in Mayfair to participate in the Saturday morning Mathematics masterclasses.Our teaching staff also help with the running of these events.
  • A regular newsletter aimed at widening pupils perception of what Mathematics lies beyond the curriculum.
  • Careers talks aiming at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.
  • Presentations to year 11 of the demands of A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
  • Small tutorials aimed at helping those students who are applying to read Mathematics, or other highly numerate subjects, at university and who may be asked to sit an entrance test. 
  • Practice university interviews.
  • Mentoring programmes where older students are paired with younger students to help them in their Mathematical studies.
  • We send sixth form students to central London Universities to gain experiences of what it is like to read Mathematics at university.

Design & Technology is fundamental to the world in which we live in. Every aspect of everyday life has been designed to meet people’s needs. Design & Technology looks to improve the quality of life for every person on the planet. 

More emphasis is now given to the protection of the planet and its resources and this is reflected within this subject. As a result of this, more consideration is given to alternative materials and the sustainable harvesting of more traditional materials such as woods and metals. Students will be given the chance to use a variety of modern and traditional materials to realise their design ideas.

As mankind progresses, technology and manufacturing techniques are at the forefront of production. As a result of this, the department implements design tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and are looking to use Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) in the coming year. This includes the introduction in the use of laser cutters and 3D printers. Students will be given the opportunity to utilise CAD and CAM in their work. 

In recent years students have had the opportunity to visit exhibitions and attend conferences about the future of design. This is something the department will continue to do
Food Preparation and Nutrition

‘Let food be thy medicine,and let thy medicine be food’(Hippocrates) Here in the food department we encourage our students to be experimental, imaginative, inquisitive and brave with their food lessons. 

  • Food tasting sessions - flavours some have never tried before.
  • Ingredients - new and unusual ingredients students would often avoid being used in dishes they find they love.
  • Food provenance - opening their eyes to where their food comes from.
  • Food choice - factors affecting society, culture, religion, ethical and medical choices. 
  • Diet and good health - giving them the knowledge to then choose what is best for them.
  • Skills - learning to independently cook for themselves tasty and nutritious foods safely and adeptly.

We learn to portion and de-bone a whole chicken and then use ALL of it in several different dishes. 3 different fish dishes after filleting a whole fish. Explore spice mixes, marinade and dressings, preserves and pickle making. Life skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. 

Excellent opportunities to show their ability to work well as a team or lead a team when catering for our end of year class Buffet. Experiencing outdoor cooking with our BBQ in the park (carpark). We give them an opportunity to enter ‘The  young chef of Hillingdon’ competition that is run by the borough. For our baking enthusiasts we have The Cupcake Club and for our 6th form we run the Uni Survival Food Guide. Two new clubs for 21/22 - Fabulous foraging foodies where will will learn about the food that grows wild and free  that we can utilise and The Literary Food club where students will have the opportunity to create dishes from the books they have read and be able to discuss and evaluate why the author chose said dish. All food students have the freedom to progress, achieve and be culinary enriched.

Being a STEM Subject, the following are part of/additional to lessons being offered in school for Computing, IT and Computer Science. 

  1. Debates on topics for Computing - Students partake in debates/discussions across the Key Stages on various topics such as Consequences of Computer Science and focusing on current news events in relation to Computer Science in every industry (such as medicine, economics, science etc)
  2. Bebras Project - Students in Year 7-9 taking part in a Problem Solving challenge which gets students working on their computational thinking skills. This will be offered to all year groups from next academic year.
  3. IDEA Award - Students can access a wide range of tools and earn badges (rewards) for completing tasks based on five different challenge categories - Citizen, Worker, Maker, Entrepreneur and Gamer. This helps engage students in Key Stage 3 and provide extra tasks to work on the curriculum. 

Programming Skills - Students in all Key Stages can practice their programming skills, through using Code Academy, and programming in lessons.

Creative Arts

Physical Education 

Participation in sports teams across every year group is actively encouraged. We take part in competitions for most of the activity areas covered in the curriculum, to deepen student understanding and stretch the more able students. 

Trips to events such as London Youth Games competitions as a result of competing against local schools to a high standard. 

Other trips include groups attending courses at local facilities such as rock climbing at Brunel University as part of the GCSE PE course. 

Other trips such as PGL and football trips abroad have also been offered and are popular among students in the school. 

The school ski trip is also run by staff from the PE department. 

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has been delivered at Douay Martyrs Catholic school for year 10 students for several years. It is a nationally recognised award that perfectly illustrates the school’s commitment to offer high quality extra-curricular provision to complement excellent academic attainment.

The school offers Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award. The award is achieved by completing a personal programme of activities broken down into sections (see below). More details about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme can be found at: or email:

Pupils achieve the award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections:

  • Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community.
  • Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities.
  • Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal interests.
  • Expedition: planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad.
  • After school and lunchtime art classes with KS4/5
  • Year 9 school visit to art gallery and museum 
  • Art competition (recently the dept. is running Poster Competition for 'Mindfulness during Lockdown.) 
  • KS4/5 displays that are refreshed throughout the academic year. 
  • Visiting practising artists for classes. 
  • Mini classes to learn about specific art techniques such as printing and digital image making

Year 7 visit to Compass Theatre to be given a tour which explains how a Receiving House venue operates.

Year 8 to participate in a lunchtime Improvisation Workshop led by Matt Bateman who runs the Youth Theatre, Compass360, at the Compass Theatre.

KS3 Drama Club at lunchtime

GCSE Drama pupils

  • participate in Stage Combat workshops with a trained actor and combat coach;
  • Participate in workshop with Stage Ed educational theatre company who lead Blood Brothers workshops

KS3 pupils interested in Technical Theatre assist on Lighting and Sound for the GCSE and A Level exam performances.

Whole School Production is run offering pupils the opportunity to act, help out backstage or on set and costume design as well as assisting on running Sound and Lighting for the show

The music department offers a range of exciting enrichment opportunities, both in school time and after school:

  • Annual Whole School Production - we produce a musical stage show every year to showcase our pupils’ acting, singing and dancing skills. There are opportunities for those interested in backstage and technical roles too.
  • Show Choir - singing and dancing songs from musicals (lunchtime)
  • Chamber Choir - singing both sacred and popular music (lunchtime)
  • Gospel Choir - singing sacred gospel music
  • Annual visit to a West End musical
  • Instrumental lessons - lessons offered during school time in a range of instruments
  • Music Tech. Club - come and have a go at creating your own remix

RE and Theology

The programme provided by the RE department is rich and varied and seeks to support, as well as,  enhance students’ academic and spiritual development. Activities across KS3 and KS4 include, educational visits, and talks given by guest speakers which are organised by the RE and Chaplaincy departments.

Students are given the opportunity to attend prayer journals led by Luisa, our School Chaplain. They are also given the opportunity to visit Westminster Cathedral, participate in retreats, day and residential and support the national and international appeals for those most in need through CAFOD, Mary’s meals and local food banks.

In Year 10 students all students visit the Jewish Museum as part of their GCSE studies, where they are able to explore and learn more about Jewish heritage and culture.

Students are given opportunities to take part in debates and other enrichment activities/workshops run by various Universities. Recently, a small group of students worked with the RE and History department to take part in an ethics debating competition with St. John's College, Oxford.  They put together a video presentation debating whether soldiers and the army should be held morally responsible for their actions at war.

Sixth formers are offered a number of philosophy related courses delivered by various international universities to self-study. These provide students with the opportunity to explore how politics does have moral foundations; what you can know about yourself and why it matters; if there is any conflict between science and religion and what are the issues that we need to solve; to give the world a better future. Courses are offered by the Universities of Edinburgh and Yale, and on completion, students receive a Douay certificate, confirming their completion of the course. Whatever field students are hoping to study or work in, what they learn will add to their insight and understanding.



KS3: science club runs weekly whereby students are able to explore and conduct a range of fun, creative and innovative laboratory practical experiments within the three different disciplines of science. 

These practical experiments are often aligned with the SOW to promote curiosity and stretch students beyond the scope of the course examining various higher level concepts in preparation for KS4

Social Sciences

Business Studies
Young Enterprise:
  • Understanding enterprise, by giving students the opportunity to build and operate a company. This gives students the chance to understand business plans and how to take advantage of business opportunities. Further developing the qualities and skills that employers value.
  • Understanding finance:
  • Allows students to understand how to manage finances systematically.
  • Employability Masterclass: Allowing students to understand CVs and cover letters. 
  • Gaining tips on how to pass job interviews.
  • Knowing where to go to for employability support.


London Zoo Animal Behaviour trip:

  • The purpose of the trip is to further their understanding of animal learning and will include a lecture on animal behaviour and intelligence.


AQA A Level Psychology Grade Booster Workshop:

  • Attending this provides A- Level Psychology students with final exam strategies, hint and top tips so that they feel fully prepared for their upcoming A-Level exams.
  • We have also previously attended the Zimbardo Conference (London):Dr Phillip Zimbardo provided students with an insight into his famous Prison experiment

Sociology enrichment activities will encourage pupils to access some of the following outside of the classroom:

Documentaries, fictional and non-fictional books and newspaper articles.  Our sixth form students are also encouraged to read Sociology Journals and the Sociology Review magazine. 

Year 12/13 pupils have the opportunity to attend student conferences on inspirational speakers in Sociology and study skills days.  

Our A Level pupils also visit the ‘The Royal Courts of Justice’ and ‘Old Bailey’ to help them gain an understanding of the way in which the criminal justice system operates.  This is particularly useful when studying Crime and Deviance in year 13.

Pastoral Enrichment

The pastoral team also offer various enrichment opportunities that are engrained into school life across the 7 year journey. 

Listed opposite are examples of the different opportunities that all students are given access to at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary school, and take place at varying stages of their journey with us

"Your life, You Choose" - Ran by Metropolitan Police Safer Schools Team in conjunction with Local Magistrates and Youth Support Teams. Students hear first hand accounts of real life stories of Knife Crime, Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Students work in groups throughout the day addressing key issues that affect our society. It tries to enable students to make the right decisions in their life.

UCL Access & Participation Team - They have various opportunities throughout the school year. Most workshops are aimed at Y8 PP Boys. Students, Parents and Teachers must make an application to the workshop. Sessions take place on campus of UCL. We have had 3 successful participants be accepted onto courses. 

The workshop offers great encouragement and aspiration to attend University.

RSE Day in Year 9 -  focussing on Keeping Safe and Healthy Relationships.

Retreats for all year groups, organised by our Chaplaincy team, including residential retreats for upper school students

‘Miracle Man’ Anthony Bennett  - An Inspirational and Motivational speaker who shares with students how he contracted three life-threatening viral infections and overcame them and then had to learn to walk and talk again.

NHS Live Virtual Work Experience Programme which provides a vast array of work experience opportunities for students who aspire to work within the healthcare profession.

Medic Mentor working in partnership with Allied Healthcare Mentor also providing opportunities for students to develop experience of working within the Healthcare profession. 

Oxford University based programmes, in preparation for studying and practising careers within Medicine and Law.

Visits to various Cambridge University colleges to engage and aspire students with the academic potential to apply and study at such prestigious institutions.