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Subject Overview: Learning a modern foreign language provides students with the opportunity for developing thinking,  communication and creative writing skills. It will also enhance their overall literacy skills and  will broaden their cultural knowledge of the world we live in. Students will acquire a certain degree of fluency in speaking and writing either French or Spanish and will have competence in understanding spoken and written texts in the target language. Throughout their studies students will consolidate and develop their understanding of  fundamental  language structures and skills.. They will have the opportunity to further extend their knowledge and understanding of French or Spanish at A level if they so wish. 

What we cover in each year group:  

Students will follow the ‘Studio’ French course or the ‘VIVA’ Spanish course throughout KS3 as well as at GCSE level, following the Edexcel Specification 9-1. In Year 7 students will cover basic vocabulary and grammatical structures  related to the following topics my life, my free time, my school, my hobbies and my town . In Year 8 students  will study the following topics : holidays, food, hobbies, cities and festivals.  In Year 9 students  will study: social media,celebrations, holidays, work and employment, healthy lifestyles, social issues and environment. The topic vary between French and Spanish. By the end of KS3 students will be confident in using the three grammatical tenses, present, past and future, will be able to write complex sentences and express detailed opinions. They will have developed a good range of vocabulary and phrases and  be familiar with examinations techniques such as conducting a conversation or giving a presentation, translating simple texts, reading and understanding extracts from fictional and non-fictional texts.They will be ready to start their GCSE course and embark on the in-depth study of the following themes: 1- Identity and culture 2- Local area, holiday travel,3- School, 4-Future aspirations study and work, 5- International and global dimension   

Qualifications and pathways: GCSE French (1FR0)  GCSE Spanish (1SP0), both  Pearson Edexcel

Enrichment opportunities: Trips abroad, language clubs, cinema club,  partnership programmes with schools abroad