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High Prior Attainers

Douay’s Super Learners

At the Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School we are committed to ensuring our learners experience high quality learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Throughout the school year we run a number of competitions, widening access links with universities, summer schools and online mentoring programmes for students across the school. This allows our learners to interact with academics, gain experiences in new environments and engage in creative and challenging learning beyond the curriculum.

Here are is a small sample below:

Medic Mentor Programme 

Oxbridge Launch Pad

King's Plus


Learning should be challenging and interesting and for this reason we encourage our learners to access a wider variety of platforms to gain an insight into the wealth of resources and materials there are on a whole host of topics. See a list of some of the wider learning platforms that we include in our wider learning curriculum: 

  1. Oxbridge Launch Pad - - lots of short reading on interesting topics
  2. TED Talks - - short lecture and public talks
  3. BBC Sounds - - some fascinating documentaries to listen to at home, on a walk etc
  4. Radio 4 - - Recommended – Week in Westminster / Thinking Allowed / A History of the World / In Our Time
  5. iTunes U  - Free podcasts, video lectures, reading recommendations (A whole range of resources from leading universities)
  6. Staircase 12 - (A website put together by University College Oxford and contains interviews and book reviews from current students)
  7. MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – These online courses provide videos, reading lists and activities – you often don’t need to formally complete the course: 
  8. Websites of Professional organisations - e.g. for the Royal Society of Chemistry or for The Historical Association