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Design and Technology

Subject overview: Students should at this stage consider the value of Design and Technology subjects in contributing towards future career opportunities in areas such as Engineering, 3D and graphical design, games design, architecture, food technology and catering, etc.  There continues to be high demand and plenty of opportunity across these sectors to which we hope our students will aspire

Design and Technology lessons in Year 7 & 8 are based around the delivery of the following subject areas:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Textiles
  • Resistant Materials
  • Design and Communication
  • Drawing and rendering skills for communication and creative design strategies
  • Electronics

Design and Technology in Year 7 provides a range of learning experiences that focus on developing our student’s breadth of skills and knowledge across our combined disciplines.  Equipped with this experience students will look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of design ideas and making and evaluating products and systems.  Students develop their skills and knowledge of food preparation and nutrition fostering their enthusiasm for such essential life skills.  By the end of the year they can use different design strategies, communicate ideas effectively and work with some precision when using tools and machines to produce products.

Design and Technology in Year 8 develops technical knowledge and places increased emphasis on design methodology.  Students are taught to use iterative design techniques to develop solutions to design problems and to utilise computer aided design as part of this process.  Students develop their skills and knowledge of food preparation and nutrition fostering their enthusiasm for such essential life skills.  In refining their skills and knowledge they will become increasingly able to work with confidence and precision when using a broad range of machines and tools to produce products that reflect their designs.

In  Year 9 students follow a pathway within  Design & Technology.  Students develop  depth of understanding through more focussed study to build confidence and independence in working creatively to solve design needs, drawing on detailed technical and practical knowledge.  The work undertaken reflects the demands of the GCSE subject areas, fostering an appreciation of study skills and discipline required for success at this level. They will study all areas of Design and Technology which includes resistant materials, graphics and textiles

Students opting to study Food and Nutrition at this level follow an intensive course developing their ability to plan and prepare a broad range of nutritious foods.  This year culminates in the opportunity for students to continue their studies to GCSE if they choose. 


Years 10 & 11: GCSE Design & Technology: The new GCSE in Design and Technology covers all specialisms in the subject. The written paper 50% will cover this. Students have the opportunity to complete a specialist NEA in one area eg. Resistant materials, Graphics or Textiles (50%)The GCSE courses follow the AQA specifications.  Over the course of two years students will develop the research, designing and manufacturing skills they require to complete their NEA. They will also develop a concise theory knowledge to enable them to complete their exams.  Students are expected to practise the skills they learn outside of the classroom and to read around the curriculum.

Years 12 & 13: A-Level Design Technology: Students follow the Edexcel Product Design Course. Throughout the course they will study a range of topics which encourages them to think about the world around them and the impacts product have on their everyday life. They will be given the opportunity to design and manufacture products for identified target market groups with genuine needs.

Students will learn the importance of the design cycle as they embark upon their journey into world of product design. From this course students can choose from a range of subjects to study at University including Architecture, Product Design, Engineering, Furniture Design.

Students will study:

Component 1 : Principles of Design and Technology (written exam 2 hours 30mins ) 50%

Component 2 independent Design and Make Project  50% 

Enrichment opprtunities: We offer a range of extra-curricular enrichment opportunities to support our student’s learning and enjoyment of Design and Technology.  At key stage 3 this includes the Textile, Cup Cake and Engineering & Technology clubs, whilst the senior years have opportunities to push their design ad skills development forward.  A range of visits and trips are arranged throughout the year which enable our students to broaden their appreciation of how Design and Technology and STEM activities enrich society.  Students also have opportunities to participate in deep learning activities for creative arts and enterprise and we encourage involvement in competitions such as the Hillingdon Young Chef.