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Deep Learning 

Deeper learning means:

  • Students have to use their knowledge and skills in a way that prepares them for real life. 
  • Students have to apply what they have learned in one subject area to new encountered situations in another.
  • Students are required to master core academic content, while learning how to think critically, collaborate, communicate effectively, direct their own learning and believe in themselves.

At The Douay Martyrs Catholic School we have invited departments to provide a Deep Learning activity that incorporates these skills and growth mind set.  Each student in Key Stage 3 has the equivalent of a cross-curricular Deep Learning Day each term:  Enterprise Day, Thinking Skills Day, Performing Arts Day, STEM Day, Decoding Day, Meta-cognition Activities etc as well as involvement from every subject in International Fortnight activities.

In the short term Deep Learning activities:

  • Help students master core academic content and retain what they learning.
  • Increase student motivation and encourage them to take ownership of their education, which results in higher performance.
  • Ensure students gain knowledge and recall facts better, but they can also apply what they know to real-world situations.

And in the long term:

  • It empowers them to better engage with their communities.
  • Employers tell us they need talent with deeper learning skill sets.  They report that the strongest applicants work well in teams, communicate effectively, solve problems, manage their own priorities and goals and believe in hard work.
  • Fortune 500 companies in the US show that the most valuable skills an employee can have in the 21st Century are teamwork, problem solving, and oral communication – all focal points of deeper learning.
  • Students who have mastered the full deeper learning skill set – including an academic mindset and self-directed learning – can set their own goals, adapt to new circumstances, accept feedback and persevere.

As a follow through from the Wellspring Academy activities we have developed a CIRCLE of learning that are enabling us to integrate the Deep Learning skills, attributes and philosophy into our daily teaching. 

C             =             Community

I               =             Independent Learning

R             =             Reflective practices

C             =             Can do attitude

L              =             Learning to Learn

E              =             Enterprise and Employment

Deep Learning and Circle of Learning activities are all focussed on enabling students to achieve at their very best. “A rising tide raises all ships”. (J F Kennedy 1960)