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DMS - The Douay Martyrs Dramatic & Musical Society

DMS is a group that offers an annual production, utilising the newly developed performance facility, including specialist lighting and sound. Within the whole-school production, pupils of all ages audition for the production which is performed in January. It is a huge project, often involving 60-100 students and staff. Departments work collaboratively in delivering the projects, with students/staff participating from Drama, Music, Art, and Design Technology.

Involvement in the production is the highlight of my year

The company is truly delightful. It brings the school community together, as well as providing enriching experiences for students to celebrate their talents in an alternative learning environment. Furthermore, students have opportunities to explore an array of Career Pathways in the Creative Arts:

  • Dramatic / Musical Performance
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting / Sound Technology
  • Props Management
  • Costume Development
  • Scene Painting

Students will initially attend auditions for the production. Should students be successful, they will embark on and intense, but incredibly rewarding rehearsal process. Rehearsals will explore characterisation and blocking, singing (with the inclusion of harmonies), and choreography. Students will rehearse up to three times per week, and attend some weekend rehearsals in order to ensure that a professional production is delivered. We are incredibly proud of our DMS students, and it is a privilege to see such wonderful talent.

Other Opportunities: Not only have DMS students participated in the production. Students also have the opportunity to participate in outreach work. A fantastic experience has seen students visit local primary schools to promote the importance of Performing Arts in Education. Students not only present a performance number, but also assist in workshops teaching students some singing and dance skills. Reactions have been fantastic:

Thank you for coming along this morning. The performance was fabulous - I have been stopped by both children and adults who want to pass on how much they enjoyed the singing

Past Productions: To see images of Past Productions please refer to the 'In This Section' menu to the right of the screen.

For more information, please contact or email Ms. S O'Reilly or Mrs. R Arnold