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The curriculum of our school is a reflection of our school ethos, vision and ambition.  The Douay Way is to seek to educate the whole person and to support all students and develop resilient hard working ‘can do’ young people.  We seek to do this by offering a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum for Years 7 to 13.  All students follow a core curriculum in Key Stage 3 and 4 which includes Religious Education and what are sometimes called the Ebacc subjects.  In addition, students study a range of technological and creative subjects as well as physical education.  In Key Stage 4 students are guided to choose from appropriate pathways.

The post-16 curriculum is based on the same principles. Sixth form students choose from a range of subjects which support them on their journey to Higher Education or employment. 

Sitting alongside this are a series of ‘Deep Learning Days’ which enable students to engage with a range of personal development, cultural and problem solving activities appropriate to their year groupings.


January 2021 Update: Please see below for information regarding Remote Learning