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Chaplaincy - Life's Journey

As a former pupil of the The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, Luisa was so pleased to be selected, as School Lay Chaplain, in June 2000,  Luisa is a presence, actively and visibly serving the school community. She is also seen as a friend, a guide and companion, walking alongside others: be they pupils, staff or families.

Chaplaincy strives to create every opportunity and challenge to deepen all members’ knowledge and love of God and to seek to promote the wellbeing of every member of the school community in an atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel Spirit of freedom and love.  

The Chaplaincy department aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere built on shared values and mutual respect, which promotes and makes possible, the full personal development of all members of the school community.  Developing a mutual and supportive ethos in the school community, where every member will be seen in the context of equality.  The Chaplaincy aim is not just one of contributing, but also actively engaging and striving to work effectively within the pastoral, consultative and managerial structures of the school.  Chaplaincy facilitates by: .

  • Enriching the life of the school through the Liturgical/Cycle of prayer: Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, holy days of obligation and Patronal Feast Day Masses.     
  • Taking part in annual events with the Diocese of Westminster – Liturgies, World Youth Days, Lourdes and Rome.
  • Each year every student has the opportunity to take part in the retreat programme.
  • Evangelisation & Catechesis – simply living among people whose lives are deeply affected by the values of the Gospel.
  • Community Links.
  • Fundraising for a variety of charities

St Paul (1Cor 12:3) says, we have nothing if we don’t possess love.  Love is the essence of our faith and it is shown through the work of Chaplaincy.

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