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The Careers Department at Douay Martyrs provides information, advice and guidance to students on a wide range of issues that help them build the skills they will need for working life.

The world of work has undergone significant changes in recent years and continues to do so and it is therefore even more important that we equip our students with the necessary skills for them to make decisions about their future, to know how and where to access information and to link subject areas and qualifications with possible career choices.

The focus for each Year Group changes as they move through the school. 

Year 7  - Thinking Ahead– Focussing on their journey through school and concentrating on  what skills, experiences and achievments they alreday have. They will also be asked to record their aspirations at this moment in time as regards to Careers. This will be revisited in Years 9 and 11. Also look at Gender Busting traditional roles and challenging stereotypes in the workplace

Year 8 - Self –Awareness - Focussing on and identifying  what their individual skills are and how thus links to differeent careers and industries. This will be supported in Form Time with group sessions and challenges. This year culminates inmake in the right chioces for the GCSE Pathsways.

Year 9 - Exploration - Focussing on  and exploring different Career paths that are open to them through form time and assemblies. This will include grade requirements and the possible final Level that each route can take lead to.. They will also revisit their aspirations from Year 7 and reflect on whther theyhave changed and why.

Year 10 - Employability - Students consolidate their foci from Years 7, 8 and 9 into structured documents that they will be using for their applying for colleges and courses in Year 11. They will be fine tuning their Employability Skills on Mock Interview Day and will be given professsional feedback on the quailty of their CV and Covering Letters to aprticular jobs as we all as all aspects of their interview skills.

Year 11 - Profile and Guidance - Focussing on the chices ahead of them, making realistic choices and applications as well as a minimum of one Careers Interview on an impartial basis to ensure they are making well informed decisions.

For further detail please look at the Careers Currriculum under each Year group. This is an organic document which will be added to as the Careers Curriculum grows

Careers Resources

We have a full range of careers resources Careers Department on the Cardinal Hume Campus. We also have access to software that will allow students of all ages access up-to- date careers information.  Elements of the Careers curriculum are covered in many subject areas as well as in PSHE. Musch of the information is available on the webiste for students to access.

Work Experience

All our students from Years 10 – 13 are eligible to apply to British Airways Work Experience Programme. Applications are invited three times throughout the academic year electronically and the school supports the students in this.

Successful candidates will be asked to attend an interview day at British Airways Head Quarters, Waterside and those that excel will be offered a five day work placement in a variety of departments. See British Airways Work Experience for more information.