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Subject overview: In Art and Design we develop students creative and artists processes and abilities. While students study with us they develop their knowledge and understanding about where art is relevant in regards careers and courses outside in the wider world. We encourage students to make connections with artists work and to attend galleries and exhibitions to help them develop their appreciation of a variety of different forms of art and design ranging from Fine Art, Photography, Textiles, Modern Art and Design, to name a few.

What we cover in each year group:
Years 7: Students will cover the topics Colour, Still Life and Natural Forms. They will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials during the year. The focus during year 7 is to develop their drawing ability, their understanding of colour and observational drawing.
Year 8: Students will cover the topics Aboriginal Art, Landscape, Architecture and Portraiture. Students will continue to develop their observation and drawing skills during this year. The students are expected to develop their writing skills as well in regards artists analysis and research.
Year 9 follow a course that is delivered very similar to GCSE in format. The topics they cover are Still Life, Perspective Drawing, Unusual teapots and Bugs. Students focus the second part of the year on design and get to work both in 2D and 3D work

Years 10-11: GCSE (OCR) - The specification requires students to complete coursework that is worth 60% and one exam that is worth 40%. It is a Fine Art course and allows students a vast range of techniques on this course including 2D and 3D work.

Year 12-13: A-level (OCR) - Students are required to complete practical coursework that is worth 47%, a 3000 word essay worth 13% and one exam that is worth 40%. The students do go and study at University.