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History - Autumn Term

All our students have made a great start to the academic year. Year 7 have been studying historical skills are on the way to becoming excellent historians, while Year 8 have been investigating African Kingdoms of Benin and Kongo. Year 9 spent the first few weeks looking at different UK civil rights movements of the 20th century and are now embarking on a thematic study of revolutions.

We encourage our historians to be aware of the history that is all around us, we just need to look and investigate. For example, our GCSE Medicine topic enables us to focus on Ickenham, especially the pump, that is so familiar to us all by the traffic lights. We know it was donated to the village by a generous benefactor to ensure clean water was available during the cholera outbreaks of the 19th Century. This shows us how worried people were in the 1800s about the spread of this disease. If students then go up to Soho, they can see the Broad Street Pump that finally enabled John Snow to prove the link between cholera and dirty water.

We are lucky to be surrounded by many museums in London and now is a great time to visit as they are quieter than usual. You need to book online but most are free.   One of the history department’s favorite museums is the Museum of London where you can see archaeological finds from the Heathrow area showing it was a busy community. Other great free museums in London include the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert museum. Why not go and see what they have, any student who visits and writes up a report for the history department will receive house points.