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The Leading Parental Partnerships Award Scheme

In January 2019 we embarked on an effort to get the school recognised for the level of parental engagement that takes place in our school  every single day.

The Leading Parental Partnerships Award (LPPA) is a scheme that recognises these Efforts.  Since January the school have worked very hard to achieve this accreditation, by gathering evidence of the work that goes on and improving on our already strong reputation in the borough. 

On Friday 9th October we had our final verification visit, where a delegate (Malcolm Goddard) from Award Place met with staff and parents, and looked into the evidence we provided. 

I am delighted to tell you that he had no hesitation in giving us the award, which is fantastic news. Mr Goddard was extremely complimentary of the efforts that all staff go to, in order to keep our key stake holders, the parents, involved in the day to day processes at the school. He mentioned that with all the additional events that take place in terms of celebration evenings, parental workshops and curriculum information evenings, there is plenty for us to be proud of in the name of parental engagement. The parents he spoke to were also highly complimentary of the efforts all form tutors went to during the covid-19 lockdown from March this year. 

The school will now be accredited for 3 years, after which we will reapply and be able to offer more evidence to show all of the other projects which are currently in the embryonic stage (such as the Pastoral Wellbeing Team), as well as maintaining and reviewing all of the good work that we currently do. 

Thank you to all staff in the school. This is not the work of any small group of individuals, but a recognition of the continued work that takes place in order to maintain the strong links we have with the parents/carers of our students.