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The Exotic Animal Show


 The Exotic Animal Show was utterly, absolutely, undeniably exquisite. Mr Khan had brought a range of different species of animals with him to this annual event- he mainly bought reptiles (cold-blooded animals) .He had; (panther) chameleons, snakes, basilisks and more…

Mr Khan keeps many tropical animals in his tropical greenhouse garden and breeds them. He also takes professional photographs of animals and insects. He showed us videos and pictures of caterpillars, them making their chrysalises (not cocoons) and turning into butterflies. He also showed us a video of an adorable baby chameleon hatching out of its egg!

After that we all got to touch the chameleons. Some of us even got to hold it! Whilst people were touching the chameleons, we also got to hold and touch the corn snake. It was exhilarating for the few of us who had never even seen a snake in real life before, let alone hold one! At the end we had a Q&A. We asked Mr Khan a variety of questions about many topics surrounding the subject of animals.

Overall, I was delighted by the show and wouldn’t hesitate to go to another one. However, I would have loved to see a few more animals. I rate the show a 9/10. I would recommend that you attend this show when you get the chance as I guarantee that you will love it! I would love to do this again.