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“Dare to Be Different Trip” Deutsche Bank London


The “Dare to be Different Trip” was one of the best trips we ever went on. It was inspirational, educational and lots of fun; it provided us with knowledge about careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It made us aware that Formula 1 cars McLarens,

Williams and Ferrari employ about four hundred people per Formula 1 car and the opportunities in this area are amazing. It was a day about empowering females to get involved in these fields. Year 12 students came with us to help and support and they were great fun. 

The amazing day was packed with many activities and was very active; we learnt how to do CPR by a professional doctor, a tips for being an interviewer or presenter by Rosanna Tennant, the Sky Sports F1

Presenter, coding, reaction challenges and a Formula 1 pit stop challenge which was one of our favourite activities.