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‘Poetry Escape’ Publications

Year 9 have had another fantastic term, filled with creativity and independent work. After exploring poetry over the first half term, students were invited to take part in a national poetry competition, ‘Poetry Escape’, launched by ‘Young Writers’. Students wrote poems based on certain themes, including: current affairs, inner feelings, the future and adventure. The poets were also constrained technically, being required to write

using the form of an ode, lipogram, haiku or by using rhyming couplets. All students dived into the challenge with enthusiasm, and their creations ranged from an exploration into the nature of humanity to a voice from the future warning of the dangers of climate change. The following students were selected to be published in the national anthology, a copy of which can be found in our library.

Congratulations to these young poets for their fantastic achievement.

Miss L Stoddart - English Department