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The Douay’s Gaelic Football Team​​​​​​​

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School took part in the JFK School Gaelic football tournament on 4th of April. All bar one had played Gaelic outside of school so our goal was to get a bit of experience y playing against some experienced players.

We got off to a really good start in our first game. The host school came back strong in the second half and were too much for us. After we had finished our second match the progress the boys had made was outstanding.

Even the referee came over to tell us that we played more as a team and that we were improving rapidly.

We got through to the shield semi-final and after a blistering start in the first half we became a bit complacent in the second half and managed to hang on for a win. The final was most definitely a game of two halves. We got to the half time break on the wrong side of a 3 points to 1 score line, but the boys rallied well and we ended up as shield winners with a score of 2-2 to 0-4.

I’m incredibly proud of the boys and looking forward to our next tournament which is the ABC’s in Greenford.

Mr S Curley - Maths Teacher