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World Book Day: ‘Book Quest’ ​​​​​​​


I am Franclean from 8A and I am the Year 8 Winner of the Book Quest

Competition which happened on World Book Day. The 7th of March was World Book Day, so I went to the Library just to see what was happening then all of a sudden, I heard that there was a Book Competition going on. As soon as I heard that word Competition, I got up and asked what the Competition was as this was exciting news. The Competition was a quest where you have to go to the teachers listed on that sheet and ask what their favourite book is. I got excited, so I collected the sheet from the Librarian and made my way to find the teachers’ favourite reads.

There was ten minutes until my first lesson and already it was nerve-racking; I tried and got as many teachers’ favourite reads that I could. I told my friends that there was a Competition going on in my first and second lesson.

Then it was break time. I went to all the teachers that I could possibly go to. When it was lunchtime, I thought I will just do this for fun and out of interest to see what the teacher’s favourite read was as I already know from the poster, what they are currently reading.  I never had an idea of winning. I sprinted to the other campus and back, getting all the teachers’ favourite reads that I could possibly get. Trust me, it was really exhausting but a really fun quest.

When it was the end of the day, I handed my sheet over to my form tutor. Then a week later, I heard that I got 1st Place in Year 8 and I just fainted. I never even had a thought of Winning, but I felt proud of myself. I was really in a good mood on that day and when one of the teachers told me a book that they liked and that was my favourite book as well, I thought what a surprise, and the book was--The Three Musketeers! I was really exhilarated on that day and I look forward to more book competitions in the library!

I can’t wait to spend my book token and I will be looking at the blurbs of some of the teachers’ favourite reads to choose my next book.