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3rd Annual Douay Martyrs Student Voice Conference

We have just held the 3rd annual Douay Martyrs Student Voice Conference and were delighted Mr Corish could attend.

Together we discussed our ideas on how we view whole school improvement and what we think are the barriers to our progress and success. Some of the Y7’s have detailed their thoughts below:

The student conference was good as everybody got to have their word about what is good and what needs to be improved about the school. It was also good that we were able to speak to Mr CorishCharan 7M

I think the Ambassadors Conference was very good, everyone participated whether it was talking or writing. It was great to hear what different Ambassador groups have been up to this year and all the assembly presentations still to come up (a lot!). I was excited to meet some of the Ambassadors who I have not worked with before as were all put in different groups, jumbled up together, all different ages. I was really impressed when looking at the ideas of the upcoming school improvements. Overall I thought this meeting was amazing and I can’t wait for the next oneShivani 7M

We all got to talk about our rights and how we can make our school better. We talked about how we can help these improvements. We also discussed all the different working parties and what they have done this year and what we can do next year Trevor 7M