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Power Up Exhibition Year 12 Computer Science Trip

On Friday 13th April 2018, 17 A-Level Computer Science students embarked on a trip to ‘The Power Up’ exhibition at The Science Museum.  Students were accompanied by Miss Thoona and Mr Chiu, who both were eager to let out there competitive side.

The exhibition was a gamer’s paradise! Students had the opportunity to explore different retro games such as Mario Hotel, Street Fighter, Mario Kart and one of the first FIFA games ever made. For those who did not prefer the old 2D flat graphics, there were new technologies such as Virtual Reality and popular games such as Halo and Fortnite for students to master. The trip was designed for students to have a look at retro games consoles, see the differences of hardware and start preparing them for there A Level Projects, were many students choose to program their own game.

For those studying A-Level Computer Science in the new few years, this trip is definitely one to remember!

Miss S Thoona—ICT Department