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Brunel University Health Science Fair


The Health Fair was held in Brunel University for students particularly interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare sector in the UK.  The day started off at 9am with an overview of the workshop allocations.  There were different workshops for each schools, however, we could only visit five to know about it in depth.  These workshops include Midwifery, Occupational therapy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, paramedics, Veterinary Science etc.….

These different workshops were fabulous, but what really caught my attention was the Paramedics where we were taught how to perform CPR in order to save a lie.  In each of the workshops we visited, we were told the grades and subjects we need in order to apply for the course.  In medicine, we were told that we needed our sciences and can also do a subject you enjoy which can be art or music, as universities look/are interested in students with a wide variety of talents.  We were also advised to get involved in work experience involving healthcare, even if it involves just sitting in the A&E for about an hour, as it gives you an idea of how the hospital works.

Let me not forget the lunch, we were also given a £6 voucher to buy lunch in the canteen which was really fantastic.  We ended the day with a lecture from a Professor where we learn about diseases and the UK’s demand for scientists and healthcare practioners. Overall, it was a great trip

Jessica Oyeniran 10M

A couple of months ago my fine fellow students and I went on a medical trip for pupils with a goal of reaching the medical field.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with a lot of information to take back home after the event.  I am sure I have a better insight of the medical career than I had before.

Deena Skaria 10G