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  • CHARITY EVENT – ANNUAL READATHON ON TUESDAY 12 JUNE P.3 for Years 7,8 & 9 ​​​​​​​

    Published 22/05/18

     On Tuesday 12 June P.3. we will be encouraging students (Years 7,8,9) to pay £1.00 for an hour of reading an appropriate book of their choice.  Whilst at the same time that students are engaging in a charitable event we are also promoting literacy and a love of reading.

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  • Shabbat presentation​​​​​​​

    Published 22/05/18

     In Year 10 students study Judaism as part of their R.E. GCSE course. They have recently been learning about the Jewish Sabbath and were given the opportunity to experience the celebration of the Sabbath first  hand.  Mr Moore kindly talked them through how a typical

    Sabbath is celebrated and gave them the opportunity to sample the traditional Challah bread which is eaten with Sabbath meal. Students very much enjoyed the presentation, some students have

    kindly  shared their experiences below:  Thank you Mr Moore!


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  • Jack Petchey Foundation

    Published 22/05/18


    Thursday April 19th 2018 marked the occasion of the Hillingdon Jack Petchey Award Evening. A fantastic occasion to celebrate the incredible successes of nine of our wonderful students at Douay Martyrs Catholic School and one incredible member of staff. All recipients have gone over and above their daily lives contributing to the school community and epitomising the ‘Douay Way’. This year’s celebrants were:

    Leader – Ms Brazier uns our referral unit

    Students were:

    Last year’s Year 13 a true Douay Ambassador – Sam White

    Our Head Girl – Oliwia Charmuszko-Carrigan

    Multi-talented and academic Year 13 Agnes Sokolowska

    All-round supportive and mathematical Sixth-former Filip Mlotkowski

    Talented Musical Year 13 twins Shirley and Vivian Pang

    One of our year 10 Ambassadors – Chardonnay Logue

    Year 10 fantastic academic and musical all-rounder Jessie McColm

    And Daniel Baldeo our Key stage 3 student who has tackled the challenges of secondary school life with aplomb.

    All achievement winners were presented with their awards by the Mayor of Hillingdon and were supported by staff, students and families of over 20 local schools. The evening at the Beck Theatre had an incredible atmosphere. TDMCS had huge numbers of staff and students supporting our winners and enjoyed and fantastic evening together. As is tradition Douay was able to provide our musical talent and this year Vivian and Shirley played a beautiful piano duet – Turkish March and Agnes mesmerised us with her beautiful voice singing Beyonce’s Sandcastles. All winners are given £250 to spend in areas of improvement around the school and a number of faculties, departments and recreational areas have large items provided by the Jack Petchey Foundation and these are enjoyed and taken advantage of by huge numbers of our students of all ages.

    As a ‘Golden School’ TDMCS has the maximum number of 9 students per year to nominate together with a worthy leader. Staff and students are currently voting for this years’ first cohort of Jack Petchey winners.

    If you would like more information about the Jack Petchey Foundation and how it is embraced at TDMCS please speak to Mr Moore (H12) or email

    Next Event – Jack Petchey Speak Out October 2018

    Mr S Moore


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  • Key Stage 4 and 5 Visit to York

    Published 22/05/18


    At the end of March twenty eight students from Year 9 through to Year 13 visited York for three days. During the visit our GCSE students were able to visit a Tudor manor house at Hardwick Hall. Shaw and Bradley were even able to get a tour of the house during our very short lunch stop. Bess of Hardwick was one of the richest people in England in the Tudor period and had become so rich through four marriages and being an extremely astute businesswoman. From Hardwick we moved on to York and visited one of its key landmarks, Clifford’s Tower where our A Level students were able to see one of the key sites of the Pilgrimage of Grace.

    On our second day we went to two abbey ruins – Rievaulx and Fountains. These abbeys had been very important during the Middle Ages as hospitals and places for the poor to be taken care of. It was incredible to see the scale of the abbeys and gave us an understanding of the important role of the church in everyday life at this time. We were also impressed by the great skill of the medieval builders not only at the abbeys but also when we walked around York and saw the Shambles and York Minster.

    On our final day we left the Middle Ages and the Tudor period behind and investigated something else that York is well known for – chocolate. We visited York’s Chocolate Story which told us all about the history of the sweet industry in York. We learned how to taste chocolate and got to make a chocolate lolly.

    It was a very enjoyable trip and huge thanks to Mr Wood and Mr Hawkes for driving the minibuses for us.

    Mrs S Urquhart—Head of History


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  • The Sixth Form Leadership Team

    Published 22/05/18


    I am delighted to inform about this Year’s Sixth Form Leadership Team. After, a very rigorous application process, Malik, Douglas, Carlton, Nathon, Anish, Michaela, Filip, Yasmin, Hritik, Lara, Christian, Yasmin, Felipe, Nerwin, Grace, Ciara, Aaron, Danielle and Millie were all successful in securing their place on the Sixth Form Leadership team. These are also the faces that you should be seeing around the school, especially, in the canteen at lunch times, helping staff and students. Nearly all of these students, have been with us since Year 7 at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, and have been very successful academically and in extra curricular activities.

                Grace and Yasmin will be organising a Creative Writing Club

                       Lara, Yasmin and Christian will be organising a Debate Club.

                           Noah and Hritik will be organising a Rubik’s Cube Club.

                               Nerwin, Noah and Carlton will be organising a Yu-Gi-Oh Club.

                                   Millie, Anish and Ciara will be organising a Wellbeing Club.

                                      Filip and Carlton will be organising a Maths and Maths Revision Club.

                                        Aaron and Felipe will be organising a Table Tennis Club.

    The Sixth Form Leadership Team will be coming around to Period five lessons to tell you more about their clubs, but also please keep an eye out for posters and if you see any of them around the school or in the canteen, then please stop and ask them about any of the above clubs that you may be interested in.

    There will also be several other events that the Team will be organising throughout the year, please keep an eye out for these.  On the House noticeboards or on the Extra Curricular Noticeboard.

    Please join me in wishing the students of the Sixth Form Leadership Team all the best in the clubs that they are planning to organise for the Student Community of The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School.

    Mr D Patel—Head of Year 12


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  • PTA Corner June 15th – Summer Sizzling’ BBQ and Quiz Night

    Published 22/05/18


    June 15th – Summer Sizzling’ BBQ and Quiz Night

    You are all invited to the Summer BBQ and Quiz night at the Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School.

    The BBQ will get going at 6pm and the quiz will start at 7.30pm. All are invited – family, friends and students. The team to beat is the Co-chair Jennie Forde who marched to victory in February. We look forward to seeing many of you there and will be sending out reminders over the coming weeks.      Please email your attendance to


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  • Careers Matters

    Published 22/05/18


    The Douay Martyrs

    Catholic Secondary School piloted their careers

    intervention to support

    attainment and academic improvement within the school. This year we worked with Year 10 and began with a cohort of 30 students and designed  a programme in partnership with Inco Projects – a construction company currently based in the borough. This was launched with a parent information evening on the opportunities that both they as a business and the construction industry could offer our students. The young people then attended a half day visit to the site that Inco Projects have in Hayes, building a Premier Inn where they met employees and found out about different roles. They then had to apply to one of the opportunities within the company and the best applications were awarded an interview. The final four were interviewed this week and we are glad to announce that Maurycy Rabusztyn and Ethan Kirton were both successful in gaining a work placement this term. Commiserations to Adomas Lukosevicius and Callum Daly who came really close.  We look forward to finding out about how the Maurycy and Ethan get on next half term.

    This year we have had five young people being accepted onto work experience at this globally renowned oil and gas exploration company. We have had a partnership with this company for the past four years and last year they strongly supported our Mock Interview Day. This year they have accepted five of our students, Julian Basker, Nina Joseph and Victoria Okosi, Hamaad Rashid and Aman Verma.










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    Published 22/05/18


    On Friday 27 April and on Thursday 17 May our Deanery priests celebrated the Year 11 and Year 13 Leavers’ Mass.   These celebrations, during the school day and in the local community have created opportunities to enable students to share their God given gifts and talents – “All of them sang in the Temple of the Lord” and  (1 Chronicles 25) – and celebrating together and working together, the school, the parish, the family are living out the Lord’s calling to be a company of disciples. (1 Cor.12).


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    Published 22/05/18


    The Chaplaincy Department is co-ordinating a free pre–exam breakfast run from Monday 14 May – Friday 22nd  June for all students sitting public exams.  The aim is not only to emphasise the importance of breakfast for the start of the day but it also has a positive  impact on the students concentration and motivation levels. I also believe, this is a community activity, bridging faiths, age, culture, race and role


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  • Hillingdon Schools Music Concert on the 13th June 2018​​​​​​​

    Published 15/05/18

    The Heads of Music/Music Co-Ordinators in Hillingdon would like to invite you to the first ever Hillingdon Schools Music Concert on the 13th June 2018. This event has been set up to celebrate the brilliant music that is produced in schools throughout the borough in a time in which music education is suffering through the educational reforms set out by the government.

    The event will happen on the fields at the Hillingdon House Farm Sports Ground starting at 5.30pm (doors opening at 5pm) and should be finished by 9.30pm. It is an outdoor event on an open air stage so please bring your own blankets/chairs and also prepared for the weather in a British Summer.

    Tickets are available through the website:


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  • Year 8 are Borough Cup Champions!!!​​​​​​​

    Published 15/05/18


    On Tuesday 1st May 2018, Year 8 were crowned Borough Cup Champions for the second year running after a 1-0 victory over Queensmead. In a closely contested game, Douay’s dominance in possession eventually paid off and our goal came from Vice-Captain Ellisha Gymafi.

    Unfortunately Richard Olise, Zain Arvis and Kai Evans were absent for the final but played a significant part in the team’s success this season.

    Group Stage

    Douay Martyrs 4 – 1 Ruislip High            

    Douay Martyrs 5 – 0 Queensmead

    Douay Martyrs 3 – 0 Vyners

    Quarter Final

    Douay Martyrs 1 - 0 Bishop Ramsey

    Semi Final

    Douay Martyrs 2 – 0 Oakwood


    Douay Martyrs 1 – 0 Queensmead


    Mr King—PE Teacher


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  • "Year 7 Deep Learning Day - Your, Life, You Choose.

    Published 15/05/18

    "Year 7 Deep Learning Day - Your, Life, You Choose. On Friday 13th April all year seven students took part in ‘Your Life, You Choose’ deep learning day. This programme is an anti-crime programme aimed at 11 and 12-year olds. It was led by Sergeant Allison Keith, a group of Magistrates and youth offending services. The aim of the programme was to raise awareness of the consequences of crime as an offender and gang involvement and the impact of knife crime. In our current crisis we are facing in London with knife crime, this programme was hard hitting and highly beneficial to students on what constitutes a crime, how they can keep safe and always aim to make the right choice. Overall, the visitors were very pleased with the knowledge students had and the maturity they had to some of the difficult issues raised. Year 7 should be very proud of themselves for the way they conducted themselves."

    Miss Curley, Head of Year 7


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