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  • The Sixth Form Leadership Team

    Published 22/05/18


    I am delighted to inform about this Year’s Sixth Form Leadership Team. After, a very rigorous application process, Malik, Douglas, Carlton, Nathon, Anish, Michaela, Filip, Yasmin, Hritik, Lara, Christian, Yasmin, Felipe, Nerwin, Grace, Ciara, Aaron, Danielle and Millie were all successful in securing their place on the Sixth Form Leadership team. These are also the faces that you should be seeing around the school, especially, in the canteen at lunch times, helping staff and students. Nearly all of these students, have been with us since Year 7 at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School, and have been very successful academically and in extra curricular activities.

                Grace and Yasmin will be organising a Creative Writing Club

                       Lara, Yasmin and Christian will be organising a Debate Club.

                           Noah and Hritik will be organising a Rubik’s Cube Club.

                               Nerwin, Noah and Carlton will be organising a Yu-Gi-Oh Club.

                                   Millie, Anish and Ciara will be organising a Wellbeing Club.

                                      Filip and Carlton will be organising a Maths and Maths Revision Club.

                                        Aaron and Felipe will be organising a Table Tennis Club.

    The Sixth Form Leadership Team will be coming around to Period five lessons to tell you more about their clubs, but also please keep an eye out for posters and if you see any of them around the school or in the canteen, then please stop and ask them about any of the above clubs that you may be interested in.

    There will also be several other events that the Team will be organising throughout the year, please keep an eye out for these.  On the House noticeboards or on the Extra Curricular Noticeboard.

    Please join me in wishing the students of the Sixth Form Leadership Team all the best in the clubs that they are planning to organise for the Student Community of The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School.

    Mr D Patel—Head of Year 12


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  • New Absence Hotline number

    Published 21/02/17

    To report your child's absence please call 08449 842 114. This is the only number to use to report absence. 

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