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  • Hillingdon Schools Music Concert on the 13th June 2018​​​​​​​

    Published 15/05/18

    The Heads of Music/Music Co-Ordinators in Hillingdon would like to invite you to the first ever Hillingdon Schools Music Concert on the 13th June 2018. This event has been set up to celebrate the brilliant music that is produced in schools throughout the borough in a time in which music education is suffering through the educational reforms set out by the government.

    The event will happen on the fields at the Hillingdon House Farm Sports Ground starting at 5.30pm (doors opening at 5pm) and should be finished by 9.30pm. It is an outdoor event on an open air stage so please bring your own blankets/chairs and also prepared for the weather in a British Summer.

    Tickets are available through the website:


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  • Year 8 are Borough Cup Champions!!!​​​​​​​

    Published 15/05/18


    On Tuesday 1st May 2018, Year 8 were crowned Borough Cup Champions for the second year running after a 1-0 victory over Queensmead. In a closely contested game, Douay’s dominance in possession eventually paid off and our goal came from Vice-Captain Ellisha Gymafi.

    Unfortunately Richard Olise, Zain Arvis and Kai Evans were absent for the final but played a significant part in the team’s success this season.

    Group Stage

    Douay Martyrs 4 – 1 Ruislip High            

    Douay Martyrs 5 – 0 Queensmead

    Douay Martyrs 3 – 0 Vyners

    Quarter Final

    Douay Martyrs 1 - 0 Bishop Ramsey

    Semi Final

    Douay Martyrs 2 – 0 Oakwood


    Douay Martyrs 1 – 0 Queensmead


    Mr King—PE Teacher


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  • "Year 7 Deep Learning Day - Your, Life, You Choose.

    Published 15/05/18

    "Year 7 Deep Learning Day - Your, Life, You Choose. On Friday 13th April all year seven students took part in ‘Your Life, You Choose’ deep learning day. This programme is an anti-crime programme aimed at 11 and 12-year olds. It was led by Sergeant Allison Keith, a group of Magistrates and youth offending services. The aim of the programme was to raise awareness of the consequences of crime as an offender and gang involvement and the impact of knife crime. In our current crisis we are facing in London with knife crime, this programme was hard hitting and highly beneficial to students on what constitutes a crime, how they can keep safe and always aim to make the right choice. Overall, the visitors were very pleased with the knowledge students had and the maturity they had to some of the difficult issues raised. Year 7 should be very proud of themselves for the way they conducted themselves."

    Miss Curley, Head of Year 7


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  • Power Up Exhibition Year 12 Computer Science Trip

    Published 15/05/18

    On Friday 13th April 2018, 17 A-Level Computer Science students embarked on a trip to ‘The Power Up’ exhibition at The Science Museum.  Students were accompanied by Miss Thoona and Mr Chiu, who both were eager to let out there competitive side.

    The exhibition was a gamer’s paradise! Students had the opportunity to explore different retro games such as Mario Hotel, Street Fighter, Mario Kart and one of the first FIFA games ever made. For those who did not prefer the old 2D flat graphics, there were new technologies such as Virtual Reality and popular games such as Halo and Fortnite for students to master. The trip was designed for students to have a look at retro games consoles, see the differences of hardware and start preparing them for there A Level Projects, were many students choose to program their own game.

    For those studying A-Level Computer Science in the new few years, this trip is definitely one to remember!

    Miss S Thoona—ICT Department


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  • Count on Us Mayor’s Fund Challenge

    Published 15/05/18


    On Thursday 26th April, four pupils from Douay Martyrs took part in the Count on Us Mayor’s Fund Challenge at Hillingdon Academy: Angel Castellino (yr8), Akshayian Ganesharatnam (yr8), Chinemelum Favour (yr 8), John Mercado (yr9), Tenniyat Ikram (yr9).

    The event involved teams from West London schools competing in various different Maths puzzles. All four students represented the school in an excellent manner, upholding Douay values of teamwork and dedication.

    They fought hard, testing their wits against other teams in the Game of Hex, 24, Algebra Decoding and many more! This was the first year Douay has taken part in this event and, though we didn’t place this year, we are looking forward to returning with more experience next year.

    For the Algebra Coding round, students had to decode a series of messages in a Caesar Shift Cipher. Here’s one for you to try!

    Shift Key: 3x + 5 = 14


    Miss R Jospeh - Maths Department


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  • Brunel University Health Science Fair

    Published 15/05/18


    The Health Fair was held in Brunel University for students particularly interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare sector in the UK.  The day started off at 9am with an overview of the workshop allocations.  There were different workshops for each schools, however, we could only visit five to know about it in depth.  These workshops include Midwifery, Occupational therapy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, paramedics, Veterinary Science etc.….

    These different workshops were fabulous, but what really caught my attention was the Paramedics where we were taught how to perform CPR in order to save a lie.  In each of the workshops we visited, we were told the grades and subjects we need in order to apply for the course.  In medicine, we were told that we needed our sciences and can also do a subject you enjoy which can be art or music, as universities look/are interested in students with a wide variety of talents.  We were also advised to get involved in work experience involving healthcare, even if it involves just sitting in the A&E for about an hour, as it gives you an idea of how the hospital works.

    Let me not forget the lunch, we were also given a £6 voucher to buy lunch in the canteen which was really fantastic.  We ended the day with a lecture from a Professor where we learn about diseases and the UK’s demand for scientists and healthcare practioners. Overall, it was a great trip

    Jessica Oyeniran 10M

    A couple of months ago my fine fellow students and I went on a medical trip for pupils with a goal of reaching the medical field.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with a lot of information to take back home after the event.  I am sure I have a better insight of the medical career than I had before.

    Deena Skaria 10G




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  • Top tips for revision from Mrs Bennett… eating and drinking to improve brain power.

    Published 15/05/18


    Firstly, brains need fats! But no ordinary fats, it needs superstar fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids are linked to preventing a decline in mental skills, memory loss and, must come from what we eat and drink. Eating, nuts, seeds, oily fish or drinking fish oil supplements (like cod liver oil) are all seen to be crucial to the creation and maintenance of brain cells. Those who consume more of these fats in their diet have sharper minds and do better at mental skills tests.

    Salmon is an excellent source of these essential fats. Fresh, canned or frozen salmon is fabulous in fish cake patties. A good vegetarian alternative includes pumpkin seeds and walnuts or frozen soya beans are a good cheap source too and are great in a stir fry.

    While Omegas are good fats for brains, eating other high fat foods containing artificial trans or partially hydrogenated fats do not just compromise brain health, but can impair memory, and lower brain volume. Thankfully most of these bad fats have been removed from supermarket and the big fast food brands but they are still common place in cheaper backstreet independent take always and imported American supermarket sweets and snacks (like the Reese, Hershey’s, and Flipz).  Give the body junk food, and the brain is certainly going to suffer.

    There’s a huge amount of chemical processing in the brain which can make it highly susceptible to something called ‘oxidative’ damage but there are things called ‘antioxidants’ that are thought to protect against the harmful effects. Fortunately there is a wide variety of good antioxidants to be found in fruits and vegetables that enables brains to work well for longer periods of time. Different colour fruit and vegetables provide the body with different types of antioxidants, with purple and blue particularly linked to a reduction in mental decline and other benefits. Blueberries for example have an antioxidant capacity significantly higher than vitamins C or E and studies have shown improved memory with blueberries and strawberries (plus the seeds from berries are also another great source of Omega-3). In general, when it comes to berries the more intense the colour, the more nutrition in the berry. So, why not try adding some fresh berries to yogurt or a bowl of oats in the morning.

    The brain needs a steady supply of other micronutrients and without powerful vitamins B6, B12 our brains are susceptible to brain disease and mental decline. Also small amounts of the minerals iron, copper, zinc and sodium are also fundamental to brain health and cognitive development. All dairy foods are packed with protein and the B vitamins needed for the growth of brain tissue and neurotransmitters and milk and yogurt are a great source. Whereas lean beef is one of the best absorbed sources of iron, and also contains zinc, which helps with memory plus B12. For vegetarian, beans are a good choice of iron (plus they contain yet more omega-3 fatty acids). For zinc, the mineral vital for enhancing memory and thinking skills, pumpkin seeds are richer than many other seeds.

    To enable the brain to efficiently perform it needs lots of the right type of fuel, most of which comes from carbohydrates, but specific carbohydrates effect how the brain responds. What we call ‘high glycaemic’ food like white breads cause a rapid release of glucose into the blood followed by a big dip as blood sugar shoots down and with it attention span.  On the other hand oats, wholemeal bread, and ‘brown' rice and pasta have far slower glucose release enabling a steadier level of attentiveness. Low-fat popcorn, switching bread to wholemeal and oats make from cheap easy options. Oats also are good sources of vitamin E, B vitamins, potassium and zinc - which make our bodies and brains function at full capacity. You could also try dry oats in a fruit smoothie to thicken it. Choline, neither vitamin nor mineral, is another micronutrient that is essential in tiny amounts for brain development and memory function, and concentration. You’ll find it in beans, broccoli, lean beef, yogurt and eggs (especially the yolk). Eggs are great brain food also being vitamin B rich, but stick with poached or boiled or why not have scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast.

    For sustained brain power opting for a varied balanced diet of nutrient rich foods in three separate meals a day is critical but as is drinking the equivalent of between 6-8 glasses of water a day (between 1.9 and 2.25 litres) or you will suffer dehydration, tiredness, and lack of concentration and short-term memory (brains are 73% water). Avoid caffeinated drinks as they can leave you irritable, sleepless, and anxious and have diuretic properties that can leads to further dehydration, instead try un-caffeinated relaxing herbal chamomile tea shown to improve cognitive function.

    Don't forget that as well as a healthy diet, aiming for eight hours sleep and exercising helps to keep brains sharp. Research suggests that regular exercise improves cognitive function, slows down the mental aging process and helps us process information more effectively.

    Mrs Bennett Food preparation and nutrition.




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  • WOW! £5000, is an amazing amount! This is what the Douay Martyrs School community has donated to the above appeal.

    Published 03/05/18

    By the great compassion and exceptional generosity of The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School community, we are delighted to inform you of our fundraising achievements during the Lenten season 2018.  The response was overwhelming, one of selfless generosity, especially by our students.   The sum of £5,000 has been raised.

    Students engaged in a wide range of activities, within the school and the wider community to raise this money and are to be highly recommended for their consistent endeavours; we are most proud of their sense of community, responsibility and their enthusiasm for “Citizenship in Action.”

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  • Students get off to a good start at The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School

    Published 18/04/18

     The Chaplaincy Department is co-ordinating a free pre–exam breakfast run from Monday 14 May – Friday 22nd  June for all students sitting public exams.  The aim is not only to emphasise the importance of breakfast for the start of the day but it also has a positive impact on the students concentration and motivation levels.

    Luisa Foley—School Chaplain


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  • Book Quiz Boss

    Published 18/04/18


    Dion Christyselvarajah (8A) was awarded a £10 book voucher by Mr Corish during the year 8 assembly in recognition of his consistently excellent book quiz results. Over the course of the year, Dion has read numerous different authors including Philip Pullman, Robert Muchamore and Louis Sachar, and has read twenty books in total since September, managing to achieve 100% in an amazing nineteen of the twenty book quizzes he has taken. This achievement is made all the more impressive as Dion’s chosen novels have contained complex characters and sophisticated vocabulary.

    Well done Dion and congratulations on your fantastic achievement; it reflects consistent hard work and careful reading and you have well and truly earned you book voucher!


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  • Psychology Conference

    Published 17/04/18

    Meeting a celebrity and witnessing them in action is a universally sought after experience, with some even paying ludicrous amounts just to do that. On the 20th March, a few 6th form students got this serendipitous opportunity, as we had the pleasure of being part of a Psychology conference held at the Emmanuel Centre. The celebrity in question was none other than Philip Zimbardo, well known for his ethically immoral yet highly beneficial Stanford Prison Experiment (1971). This was a simulated scenario where university students played the role of prisoners and guards, with the results shocking the world.

    This conference was divided quite clearly into 4 sections, with renowned psychologists like Phil Banyard, Sergio Della Sala and many others enriching us with their extensive knowledge. There seemed to be a consensus that the most riveting out of all the lectures came from Phil Banyard, who rather than focusing on the psychology tried to explain ‘Who am I?’ in 45 minutes with light jokes and a kind smile. In the beginning, he promised us that he would give us 6 life changing words to overcome the stress of being a student, and surprisingly he managed to deliver on his promise.

    These 6 words were: Frankly, I don’t give a toss!

    The room erupted in laughter, but it left a great impression on all of us as it was easy to relate to what he said. The theory was simple; stress comes from caring so the logical solution is not to care. Afterwards, Cara Flanagan (who delved deeper into the ‘Nurture and Nature’ argument), and Sala who amazed us with seemingly magical tricks and emphasised the importance of needing evidence to state that a claim is indeed true, we finally arrived at the moment were we could meet Zimbardo. Zimbardo and his wife (Christina Maslach) were both present to this occasion, with Zimbardo focusing on ‘The Lucifer Effect’ and on ‘Shyness’ with the latter interesting me personally more as studies on such a topic are rare and few. Maslach explained to us the concept of ‘Burnout’ which can affect the workplace environment due to 6 factors. However, what made this day memorable were the anecdotes that they told us during intermissions, such as how Zimbardo proposed, or the fight that they had after Maslach witnessed for herself the Stanford Prison Experiment.

    t was a great day and we even got the chance to sing Happy Birthday to the man himself as he turning eighty five on the 23rd of March!

    Nisrin Abdullah Year 12b


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    Published 17/04/18

     Year 9 students from the Creative Writing Club have designed a fun and interactive Creative Writing scheme of work for a small group of Year 7 students.

    The students will meet every Wednesday (during lunch in S1) for creative and imaginative writing activities!  The sessions are as follows:

    Activity One: Creating Characters                                            

    Activity Two: Selecting Settings

    Activity Three: Show-not-Tell

    Activity Four: Putting it all together

    Activity Five: A Surprise!      

    The students who have created the activities as well as those who will take part in the sessions will not only be enhancing their skills toward future assessments, but will also enjoy a fun space to share their creative ideas.

     Mrs Duffy—English Department


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