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Find below the news on recent events.

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  • Welcome to our school. Please click here to watch our virtual open evening presentation

    Published 23/09/20
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  • Open Evening/Open Mornings 2020

    Published 02/09/20

     As you would anticipate we are unable to hold our Open Evening and Mornings as usual this year.  Our  Virtual ‘Open Evening’ is now available by clicking 'Welcome to our School' which is in Latest News section. This also contains Application Forms etc. which you can complete.  Please contact Mrs Hayden, Admissions Officer, at the school for any Admissions queries, she will be glad to help you. 

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  • PTA - New year, new competition for this term, WIN A ROBOT BUNDLE

    Published 14/01/21
     New year, new competition for this term, WIN A ROBOT BUNDLE, containing an amazing robotic vacuum and a robotic lawnmower. The last competition for the Nintendo Switch Bundle was won by a supporter at Lymm High School.  I
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  • Art Department News!

    Published 03/12/20

    In the lead up to Christmas, the Art Department are running a Nativity Competition with Year.7, 8 and 9 Classes. Students have been asked to recreate through drawings or paintings the Nativity scene, showing what this means to them. We look forward to all the entries and a winner will be selected on Friday 11th December.

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  • Christmas Jumper Day Thursday 17th December

    Published 30/11/20

    Christmas Jumper Day

    Thursday 17th December

    Prizes for the best/

    most unusual



    Staff Jumper


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  • Computer Science and IT Department

    Published 09/11/20

    As part of our Key Stage 3 lessons for Year 7 and 8 in Computing and IT we have been looking at E-Safety. Below is some advice from Vodafone regarding having a safe start on Social Media.

    More information can be found here at:


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  • Geography Department

    Published 09/11/20

    The Geography Department is pleased with the way that the vast majority of students have started the new academic year with great positivity and enthusiasm to work well.

    The After School Year 11 Intervention sessions were well attended, which reflects the desire for students to engage fully with their learning.

    I am delighted to welcome Miss Prior to the Geography Department and she is very eager to support all her students in their geographical journey in the school.

    When full “normality” returns I hope to be able to report on trips and other extra-curricular activities being held by the Department.”


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  • History - Autumn Term

    Published 09/11/20

    All our students have made a great start to the academic year. Year 7 have been studying historical skills are on the way to becoming excellent historians, while Year 8 have been investigating African Kingdoms of Benin and Kongo. Year 9 spent the first few weeks looking at different UK civil rights movements of the 20th century and are now embarking on a thematic study of revolutions.

    We encourage our historians to be aware of the history that is all around us, we just need to look and investigate. For example, our GCSE Medicine topic enables us to focus on Ickenham, especially the pump, that is so familiar to us all by the traffic lights. We know it was donated to the village by a generous benefactor to ensure clean water was available during the cholera outbreaks of the 19th Century. This shows us how worried people were in the 1800s about the spread of this disease. If students then go up to Soho, they can see the Broad Street Pump that finally enabled John Snow to prove the link between cholera and dirty water.

    We are lucky to be surrounded by many museums in London and now is a great time to visit as they are quieter than usual. You need to book online but most are free.   One of the history department’s favorite museums is the Museum of London where you can see archaeological finds from the Heathrow area showing it was a busy community. Other great free museums in London include the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert museum. Why not go and see what they have, any student who visits and writes up a report for the history department will receive house points.


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  • Music Mark Status

    Published 09/11/20

    Music Mark Status

    The Douay Martyrs Catholic

    Secondary School was recently

    nominated by Hillingdon Music Hub to become a Music Mark School

    for the 2020/2021

    academic year.

    This nomination is for the value placed on music and our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum .


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  • I Love Mathematics

    Published 09/11/20


    As we start a new academic year we spare a thought for those students who received their results in the summer. With one thing and another, it was a very stressful time.

    All our students received good grades. I would like to single out some of our A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics students who are now reading for exciting degrees in some excellent universities; Gurneet Rayit is now reading for a degree in Mathematics at The University of Warwick, one of the best Mathematics departments in the country. Other year 13’s who studied in the Mathematics department and have gone

    on to excellent university courses include Ahmad Zia who is studying Medicine at Imperial College, Daveriel Purugganan who is studying Engineering & Architectural Design at UCL, and Lilit Pogossian-Obobi who is reading Physics at King’s College London. We wish them, and all who studied Mathematics with us, the very best of luck.

    We have already been working to extend our current students experiences and knowledge of the subject. For example, we have the pleasure of enrolling,

     Amira Bare 8Southwell, Batouli Keita 8Wall, Malakai Kpekawa 8Wall, Varo Shwan 8Wall, Emily Vaz 8Wall and Chiwen Wamadi 8Wall in an (online) Mathematics Masterclass that will widen their Mathematical experience. We hope that they enjoy the experience and find it useful.

    This is just one example of the work that the Mathematics Department is carrying out to help develop pupils’ talents.


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  • Black History Month​​​​​​​

    Published 09/11/20

    October is when we mark Black History Month and throughout the year our history curriculum acknowledges black history. This year we have already looked at the Bristol Bus Boycott, the Mangrove 9 and the achievements of Mary Seacole. We will in the future be looking at Black Tudors, the Haitian Revolution and complete a unit on Migration which incorporates those who have moved from the Caribbean and Africa as well as other parts of Europe and Ireland.

    There are many fascinating people to find out about including Lillian Bader who was born in 1918 in Liverpool and went on to become one of the very first black women to join the British Armed forces. Our unit on World War One with Year 8 will look in depth at the contribution made by soldiers from the empire, but why not look up Walter Tull who was a black professional footballer who went on to fight in the War.

    Year 7 and 8 will be completing a research project on black history over the half term, so keep a look out for it on Show My Homework. In the meantime, here are some interesting websites to visit:


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  • Modern Foreign Languages

    Published 09/11/20

     Even with the challenges that we encountered at the end of the last academic year, the MFL Department is incredibly proud of all our pupils who secured great results in their GCSEs and A-levels. All our Year 13 students have now started their University journeys reading for rewarding degrees, such as Olivia Penney who is currently reading French at UCL.

    This year, we have introduced new Schemes of Work for our KS3 pupils which will enable them to fully experience the languages and all the wonderful advantages learning a language brings. Year 7 French class are getting ready to start their Francophone Countries research-project which will widen their knowledge of the cultural aspects of the language.

    Year 8 and Year 9, French and Spanish classes, are studying the topic of Holidays this term which will equip them with valuable and practical knowledge of the language for every-day use.

    Year 11s have been working hard finishing the GCSE content and they are getting ready to tackle their revision in preparation for their exams in the Summer term.

    The MFL Department is constantly coming up with new ideas how to enrich our pupils knowledge and understanding of foreign languages. Our lessons not only contain all the material necessary for pupil success, they also include valuable cultural and literary aspects which will ensure that our pupils can succeed in any future endeavours they might undertake.


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