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  • Tickets available for ‘We Will Rock You’ on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th January at 7pm, from the Arrowsmith Library

    Published 17/01/20


    Tickets available for ‘We Will Rock You’

    Douay Martyrs Drama and Music Society are very proud to invite you to watch our production of Queen’s  
    ‘We Will Rock You’
    Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th January at 7pm.

    Tickets are available from Miss Allen in the Arrowsmith library.

    Adults £7 and children (16 and under) £5.

    Our pupils have been working hard since September,
    even giving up their Saturdays,
    so come along and see what all the fuss is about!
    We Will Rock You!


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  • The Douay Martyrs Show Choir

    Published 13/12/19

     The Douay Martyrs Show Choir were invited as special guests to perform at a local dance school’s Christmas showcase on Saturday evening.  There were two hundred people in the audience, mainly parents from local primary schools such as Breakspear, Glebe and St Bernadette’s.  Parents from Bishop Ramsey, Bishopshalt and Vyners school were also in attendance. 

    These children have worked very hard and gave up their Saturday evening to promote our school and wore their uniform with pride!  Many parents approached me afterwards to tell me how amazed and entertained they were.  There were a lot of questions of what our school is like which I was happy to answer. 

    Mrs L Hughes – School Choir


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  • The Exotic Animal Show

    Published 13/12/19


     The Exotic Animal Show was utterly, absolutely, undeniably exquisite. Mr Khan had brought a range of different species of animals with him to this annual event- he mainly bought reptiles (cold-blooded animals) .He had; (panther) chameleons, snakes, basilisks and more…

    Mr Khan keeps many tropical animals in his tropical greenhouse garden and breeds them. He also takes professional photographs of animals and insects. He showed us videos and pictures of caterpillars, them making their chrysalises (not cocoons) and turning into butterflies. He also showed us a video of an adorable baby chameleon hatching out of its egg!

    After that we all got to touch the chameleons. Some of us even got to hold it! Whilst people were touching the chameleons, we also got to hold and touch the corn snake. It was exhilarating for the few of us who had never even seen a snake in real life before, let alone hold one! At the end we had a Q&A. We asked Mr Khan a variety of questions about many topics surrounding the subject of animals.

    Overall, I was delighted by the show and wouldn’t hesitate to go to another one. However, I would have loved to see a few more animals. I rate the show a 9/10. I would recommend that you attend this show when you get the chance as I guarantee that you will love it! I would love to do this again.


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  • Creative Arts Club

    Published 13/12/19

    Come to Creative Writing Club with Mrs. Rothwell on Thursday Lunchtimes in S3.

                                                                                                         Week A: KS3

                                                                                                     Week B: KS4 and KS5

                                                                                            Bring your lunch and lots of ideas



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    Published 04/12/19

    PTA Quiz Night at the Douay Martyrs School at 7pm on Friday 17th January 2020

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  • PTA School Lottery

    Published 26/11/19

    The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School PTA, have launched a new school lottery system.

    Please see the attached documents for further information.

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  • Breakfast Club Monday to Friday 7:30 to 8:30am

    Published 09/09/19

         Invitation Breakfast Club

    Venue: Main hall

    Day: Monday to Friday

    Time: 7.30am – 8.30am

    Students are welcome to come in and help themselves to toast,

    take part in activities such as a game of table tennis/chess or just sit down and have a chat with peers.


    We look forward to seeing you there!


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  • Show my homework

    Published 21/03/19


    I expect most of you know that children at Douay Martyrs get their homework assigned on the ShowMyHomework website.You probably also know that you can register as parent to view the homework allocated to your child.  You can view this website from a computer or from a mobile device.

    If you have not used the website before or you have some queries, you will find useful information on the link below


    Occasionally  there is an issue with viewing ShowMyHomework.  If you are experiencing problems you could try clearing your cache



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  • MyEd Email Advice Letter attached

    Published 12/11/18


    Some parents/carers are reporting that they are not receiving all emails from The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School. lf this is the case for you, could I please ask that you check your spam/junk folder in the first instance. If you do not find The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School emails in there then please contact uk so we can investigate further.

    If you find that The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School emails are ending up in your spam/junk folder then ''what you need to do is put The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School in your Safe Senders List. Below are instructions on how to do this if you use Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook.  If you use another email provider then a quick internet search should provide you with instructions on how to do it for your particular email provider. The bulk of emails from The Douay Martyrs School will come from the domain and from


    There is no Safe Senders List in Gmail but the easiest way to ensure emails don't end up in spam is to add The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School email addresses to your contacts list.


    Go into the Hotmail/Outlook  settings menu and select "options". On the left hand side you will see a list of options, one of which will be "Junk Mail" and under that "Safe Senders". You will want to &

    The above actions should hopefully prevent your email provider from putting The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School emails into the spam/junk folder. 

    Yours faithfully

    Sarah Naidoo

    SIMS and Data Officer

    The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School

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  • New Absence Hotline number

    Published 21/02/17

    To report your child's absence please call 08449 842 114. This is the only number to use to report absence. 

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