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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at The Douay Martyrs School is an inclusive comprehensive Catholic Sixth Form. We welcome applications not only from students from The Douay Martyrs but also from other schools. The Sixth Form offers a full range of Advanced level subjects. There are approximately 200 students in the Sixth Form with the vast majority of students following 2 year courses leading to places at University.

Sixth Form is a place where all our students can enjoy success in a friendly and supportive environment. Teachers and students work in a partnership; we have high expectations and believe that by working together we can ensure the best possible results for each individual.

The Sixth Form tutor team provide students with educational, personal and careers support throughout their time here. Students are placed in tutor groups, providing a regular point of contact to provide support and advice to each student and to monitor their progress against their target grades. In addition, our pastoral system has the flexibility to allow time for individual interviews so that any problems can be dealt with more confidentially on a one-to-one basis. There is also a programme of activities where students are shown how to organise themselves, develop revision skills and examination techniques.

We offer:

•             Quality teaching and results. If you are committed to doing well, you can expect to do so.

•             A wide range of courses, vocational as well as academic.

•             A friendly, happy and supportive environment.

•             A rich programme of activities.

•             A full programme of higher education and careers advice and support.


Further information can be obtained by emailing Elaine Healey, Assistant Headteacher.