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WW1 Battlefields Trip


We recently embarked on a journey to the Battlefields of France and Belgium to learn more about WW1 .We learned the importance of team building with pupils from other schools in Hillingdon and (most importantly) , we learnt about those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country.The legacy 110 project not only told us through fascinating storytelling and literature but showed us first hand.

We visited a number of cemeteries and were told accounts of those soldiers who were buried there and their bravery. An example would be Private Valentine Joe Strudwick , who was 15 years old when he passed and was known to be one of the youngest  casualties who died. We even saw the unmarked graves of those whose names were never discovered and it became clear of a wider picture of that fatal war that took the lives of all these men and women from all sides.

We (through the duration of the trip) explored many areas of the War in order to truly grasp and understand the significance the war had on the lives of so many people. We visited replicas of field hospitals to truly appreciate the valiant and brave work by the Nurses and Doctors. We visited the Passchendaele museum and learnt so much about the Battle of Passchendaele. We visited many cemeteries such as the Lijssenthoek Cemetery and Caterpillar Valley. We were privileged to attend the Ceremony of the Last Post at the Menin Gate in Ypres. We walked the trenches and walked the frozen battlefields. It was February and we were well wrapped up. We couldn't help but think about our brave soldiers huddled together in weather colder than what we experienced. We believe that this trip was really effective in displaying the true depth of the war and through the tour many areas and people where mentioned but we believe that one area that was stressed was the impact the war had on one particular group of people … You see all of the soldiers and the victims of the War had one thing in common . They all had a mother! This was significant as the common perception is that the war had an impact on the economy ,in trade and in rankings but one thing many people fail to realise is the fact that all the victims of the war had a mother. So for every soldier who died in the War there was always a grieving mother who was crying over the loss of her son . We began to realise the true depth of the war and the huge amount of lives lost. We came away realising that we have to remember that for every one soldier there was one mother mourning and that really hit home for us. Despite the fact that the war had so many other negative factors we believe that the emphasis on the families of loved ones who perished really made us truly grasp and understand the devastating effect of the war .

To conclude, we really are appreciative going on the Battlefields trip as it made us see the War through a different light and made us appreciate the many privileges that we have nowadays all of which could not be possible without the bravery of those men (and women who stood beside them) who fought for our freedom in the Great War. We have found a deep sense of respect and gratitude for all those involved in the War. We loved and hope that many young people, ,like us can go on the tour and truly have their eyes opened to the true impact of this terrible War.