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London Youth Games Final


On Thursday 22nd March both Year 7 and 8 boys had the opportunity to represent Douay Martyrs and Hillingdon at the London Youth Games Sport hall Athletics. The students had reached the final after winning both the borough and regional competition, giving the status of the one the top eight school in London in the competition.

For the year 7s it was first taste of a final and were all extremely excited about the opportunity to compete at the Crystal Palace National SportsCentre with fantastic facilities. This was second year running that the year 8  had reached the final and where looking to build on the experience of last year and improve on their results.

On the day both squads where depleted with injuries due to other sporting activities but both teams gave their all in every single events, with some very good individual performances. Elisha Gyamfi winning the two lap race and Ariel Savage winning the four lap race. This accumulated with other good results allowed the year 8 boys to finish 3rd overall coming back to Douay Martyrs with bronze medal.

Dillon Dawson 7R – I had a fantastic day, really enjoyed be at such brilliant facilities like Crystal Palace. It was extremely hard competition but we gave it our best.

Don Awotwi 8G – Brilliant day, I was not expecting to come third overall and come away with a medal.

Mr A Martin—PE Teacher