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Sociology Visit to the Royal courts of Justice and the Old Bailey


Once more Year 13 Sociology students were given a tour of The Royal Courts of Justice by our now familiar guide, Mr Tim Woods.

Students were impressed by the grandeur of the building and it’s immense size. Tim did a wonderful job taking us from room to room and explaining it’ s history as well as the complexities of the cases held within. Luckily we were all able to sit in on a trial actually taking place. Students witnessed the appeal of a man who had been sentenced to many years in jail for abuse and sexual misconduct and were impressed with the stern attitude of the somewhat forthright judge.

The tour continued outside the Inns of Court and we were treated with tales of woe and horror from the darkest days of the Old Bailey when individuals were executed right outside. Students were then allowed to visit a courtroom of their own choice with cases ranging from the extremely violent to the twisted and macabre. All in all it was a sobering event for students who had never been in a courtroom before. They now understood the machinations of the justice system a little more and for those contemplating a career in the law it was a very rewarding day indeed. Each came away better educated and informed after a very interesting and thought provoking visit.

Mr K. Marshall -  Sociology Teacher