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Primary Project Reading for Pleasure


On Monday the 29th of January we visited three primary schools in the Hillingdon Borough in the hope that we could further encourage young students to discover the joys of reading. We went as a mixed group of Year 8 and 9 students (eight in total) as well as with Mrs Duffy and Ms Powell and we attended Botwell, Sacred Heart and St Mary’s Catholic Schools, where we were all warmly greeted by the pupils andteachers. We individually introduced ourselves and then we were allowed to chat with the students about the pleasures you could find from reading. All pupils were eager to divulge to us the mysteries of their current books and were very energetic.

We passed the day by helping a mix of Year 3s, 4s, and 5s increase their confidence with reading, and were even invited to have a look around their libraries. The day was eye-opening and joyful as most of us hadn’t been back to a primary school for 3 years! We all hope that we are lucky enough to visit these schools again and continue spreading Interesting ideas about  reading.