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The season of Lent has begun

 Lent is an invitation to reflect on the practicalities of our lives and on the way that we live our faith. Lent is a time for us to look closely at how we live our lives.  But as a Catholic community Lent is not about us spending all our time thinking how bad we are – it is about us turning from ourselves and turning towards others.  For Lent has to be a movement of the heart.  How do we begin this journey?  In every RE class all students – from Year 7 to Year 13 – will be accompanied to the school chapel to spend quiet time in prayer and reflection, asking God to help them to reach out to help their family members, neighbours, teachers and fellow students without looking for anything in return.

Residential Retreats offer our senior students time to reflect The Douay Martyrs senior students had the opportunity to step away from school life to take time to reflect a little: on life, their hopes and their dreams.  This took place during a three day Residential Retreat.

Working in partnership – school, home, and parish Sixth Form students continue to increase awareness of CAFOD’s work (helping our sisters and brothers living in poverty) and help more students to get involved by leading assemblies and workshops, organising Fast Day collections and other events.

Catholic Leadership Retreat Year 12 students had the opportunity to withdraw from ordinary activities to spend three days in prayer, mediation and workshops on how to be leaders in a Catholic School. It is an essential part of Chaplaincy to enrich and extend the educational experience of all our young people.  Creating opportunities that will challenge them, and to ask “What does God want from me?” The

Season of Lent is not just about what we ‘do’ in our life, but more important to God is who we ‘are.’  

Luisa Foley

School Chaplain